Monday, December 9, 2019

If you think the holiday sale is over, think again.  Online shopping is still a hit right now because of two reasons:  the weather, and convenience. People get hooked on doing their shopping online to avoid long lines at the store and brave away the winter season.  With this said, let us take a look at the top-selling items to sell during this season. 

What are the top five products to sell on your dropshipping store for the 2019 holidays? The top five products to sell for the holidays on your online dropshipping store are mugs, hoodies, AirPods cases, toys, and planners/organizers. These are the top trending products this year which will hit the sales.

These products are trending in the previous years from November to January of every year, or are historically trending up in terms of sales in the last six months. Some of the products are increasing the volume of search and sales in the past years because they are used as presents to loved ones.

Mugs are on the top list of products that trends during the last quarter of the year as it is the most common gift idea to friends and families. This year, we can offer the same to our consumers with a little bit of innovation wherein we can offer these items to go with customized prints and designs. The prices are generally low and are also easy to transport from anywhere as long as the packaging is nicely done. 

Next to the list are the hoodies. These items never go out of trend and have shown sales increase especially during the last quarter. Hoodies are also good gift ideas. This goes well with couples or families who want to wear uniform colors during holidays or events. Because in the last quarter of each year it is usually chilly, people are inclined to buy more goodies during this time of the year. 

AirPods Case
One more trending product for 2019 is AirPods. Although these are relatively expensive gift ideas, some would go for less and give accessories to AirPod owners such as cases, or chargers. With numerous designs to make, you can never go wrong in selling these items. Aside from being inexpensive, these items are handy and are not perishable. Ideal for shipping to various locations, too.
Holidays are most likely enjoyed by young ones, even the young at heart.  Every year, there is always an increase in the number of sales of toys. This does not go out of trend because people always use this as a present to little ones, it can also be used for donations, and gift prizes to events during the holiday season.

Planner/ Organizers
Did you know that one of the top gift ideas of the millennials are planners? These affordable gift ideas are used to list down tasks, memos, birthdays, and other things. Besides, writing is a therapeutic way to loosen stress. Planners serve as a breather to all the electronic gadgets present these days.

We keep on saying that the holidays are the best time to make up for the loss and catch up with the target sales for the year.  The list of items we mentioned above gathered based on the last five-year sales trend during the last quarter of the year. Go get those sales coming.  Happy selling!

Monday, December 2, 2019

People always look for good deals when they buy stuff. About 60% of the customers consider good deals as a priority when deciding to buy products. This is true during the holidays. Many shops would gear up their stores ahead of time to check trends, and market their products to be competitive among others. 

As a dropshipper, how do we take advantage of the holiday season to increase our sales?  Planning is the key to prepare your store for the upcoming season.  Identify products that historically drive more sales during the season.  Promote your products in a way that is tailor-fit to beat the competition. Post products using creative formats. Lastly, invest in tools that can help you achieve your goals to success.

In our previous post about How to Prepare Your Online Dropshipping Store for the Upcoming Holidays, we discussed the tips to prepare your store for the season. We are expecting a high number of orders to come in during this period and it is necessary that we know how to handle them properly. Planning is always a good foundation for any business. 

Let us dig deeper as we go along this post about how we can fully take advantage of the holiday season to increase our sales as a drop shipper.  Surely, there are several tips to share but we want to focus today on promoting our products. As a dropshipper, we always go heavy towards marketing and promotions, aren’t we?

We mentioned a while ago that the promotions need to be tailor-fit to beat the competition.  How do we do so? There are several ways to do that. But today. we are going to focus on three effective ways to increase our sales using the following strategies to promote.  
Aim for a Bigger Audience When Promoting
The main purpose of promotion is to reach out to people to advertise your products and services. Say thanks to high technology, we are now able to reach more people using the internet. To gain connections, promote your products in forums or groups. Here you get to interact with a wider audience.  

You can share experiences about the products, show samples, and ask for an opinion. Forums are great media for promotion because you have a first-hand interaction with experts and beginners which is a strong combination if you are looking to promote. 

However, there are a few tokens when joining groups and forums. You have to assure that you follow these rules set by each group. Otherwise, you will risk yourself from being blocked or permanently banned. We do not want this because again, we are trying to widen our connections.  

Remember that these groups are available to people as a form of support and a tool to gather information about certain topics, products, or services. Here are some of the rules that are generally put in place to sustain the integrity and effectiveness of each group. 

Refrain from spamming
Spamming is an internet slang used to define unsolicited promotions to a large group of people. Usually, the context of the message is the same and repetitive. Most groups do not encourage spamming and worse, blocks people from posting content in the forum.  

Spamming may also result to the inauthenticity of the post. Although our purpose of joining is to advertise, let us all be considerate when it comes to posting. Overdoing your promotion may lead to failure as it appears robotic. The best way to promote is to share knowledge and provide an honest review of the service. 

Connect with people to build good relationships
Joining forums are effective ways to reach out to people who share the same interests with you. This is a great tool to ensure that you interact with experts, share experiences with beginners and continue to learn other tips to grow. 

Dropshipping is every day learning progress if you are driven to succeed. You do not become successful in just a day. This is why you would normally see people sharing their bad experiences of failing on dropshipping. Plus, experts say that it is more effective to promote products or services if there is trust. And this can only be achieved by creating a good relationship with people.

Do your research
Research is always included.  If you are looking into joining groups and forums, make sure that you are joining an active group that has daily posts.  Be sure to read the group rules first before joining so that you can avoid being banned. 

Social Media Is a Powerful Tool Nowadays
Social media is now considered a great marketing tool for any business. Most organizations connect to people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Updates about promotions, discounts, operating hours, system maintenance, and many more are being shared using these platforms.  

Why so? There are millions of active users around the world. People spend time using these social media platforms at least 3x times a day. Most information about daily routines, whereabouts and many more are being shared online using social media. This makes it easier for us dropshippers to engage and post advertisements as it targets the appropriate demographics for our products. 

Invest in improving Email Ads 
Using email advertisement is also found to be an effective way to promote products because these customers are most likely old customers who previously made transactions with us.  By providing their email address during their order, you now have access to send regular promotions and updates to them.

However, it is important to ensure that you write a good marketing campaign to encourage them to look at your offer and make that sale.  Using keywords such as “Holiday Sale up to 70% OFF” is a good campaign to make them want to visit your page.  

In our next post, we will talk about the other ways to take advantage of the holidays to increase sales. Make sure to watch us on our next post to get helpful tips from us. Happy Dropshipping!

Friday, October 25, 2019

What type of service do we give our customers in dropshipping? You are right! We supply customers with merchandise and convenience. We give them the products they need, while we provide comfort. This makes dropshipping the future of retail business. In the years ahead, we are expecting dropshipping to grow its earnings.

Why is a reliable supplier a major element of success in dropshipping?  A reliable supplier is a key element to the success of a dropshipping store because the orders made by customers are directly fulfilled by our suppliers. Having unprofessional suppliers will result in more problems for our store leading to more loss than revenue.  Suppliers play a major role in the cycle of a dropshipping business.

Business, when played right will result in more gain than loss. This is the end goal of all business models. Each effort taken in a business plan is related and shall benefit one step to the next. Right now, let us talk about how reliable suppliers directly affect a dropshipping business.  
Increased Profits
A major goal in business is to secure that the profits are stable to sustain the expenses of the company. A reliable supplier will help you as a business owner to meet this goal.  In dropshipping, the supplier fulfills the order and deliver them to our customers. How are we able to keep good customer relationships if the products are of low quality?

Also, these suppliers will make sure that the items are delivered fast to our customers. The faster order fulfillment and delivery is done, then it will make your rating better. This will generally build customer’s trust and increase the chances of getting more customers to buy from us. 

Customer satisfaction is always good news for the business. When you’ve established a good relationship with the customers, in the long run, they will continue to have business with your store and generally return more earnings to the organization.  They will have faith in your products and will also recommend you to friends and colleagues. 

Results to More Savings in the Company
Starting with customer satisfaction, if the customers are happy with the products and services rendered by the company, they will keep on coming back and will leave a lasting impression on the business. On the other hand, if the customer received a bad experience with the service, it will impact your business negatively, too.  

Such a negative experience may be but not limited to delayed shipping, incorrect orders, damaged items, etc. Although these reasons are the major challenges of dropshipping, there are still ways on how we can properly handle them and still turn around the negative encounter of the customers.

Quality Service
Having quality service requires getting suppliers that will make sure that this is completed.  Surely, there are suppliers who can fulfill the basics of an order. And whatever we do, if we have few errors on the order, it will lead to better service to our customers.  Sometimes, getting quality service from our suppliers also depends on our relationship with them. 

This means, we also need to make sure that invoices are paid on time, the manner of our communication with them, and the timeline we set to them to fulfill an order.  This is very important and is sadly left out by some business owners. 

I guess it is safe to say that we need to treat our suppliers like our customers, too.  We want to build a good relationship with them so that they will treat our customers nicely as well. 
Better Deals
Suppliers are businessmen, too. They keep a good relationship with us to stabilize their business. And to do that, from time to time there will be special deals being offered. Sometimes, discounts are given if orders are made in bulk.  

As mentioned, suppliers provide good deals when we are a good payer and also maintains good working relationships with them. As a bonus, they also give excellent service if we maintain good connections with our suppliers.

Chances of Business Expansion
When a business has fully established the organization, the more likely the next goal for the business is to expand. Who would not want an expansion of the business, right? The expansion means that we are doing the right thing to make the business work. If there is an expansion, it means that you do not make the business work, it only means you are earning more to afford expansion. 

Of course, business expansion is a result of the overall hard work you have done with the organization. It will all start with a well-planned goal and itemized action planning to reach this goal.  

Besides, while having a reliable supplier directly relates to business expansion, having a good relationship with reliable suppliers is one of the elements you need to reach your goals as a business owner. 

Having a good relationship with a reliable supplier is essential to keep the business stable. The goal of the supplier is to ensure the line of business is constant and be able to cater to more customers. In return, it will not only improve their sales but also yours.  

Supplier relationship management is truly important. Strategically, this is a basic expectation we want to meet to be able to keep a good service to our customers. There will be a good effect to the business on both sides, and everyone will benefit from it. 

Friday, October 18, 2019

It is human nature for people to dream of having a comfortable lifestyle. This is the reason why dropshipping draws more attention to a wide community, both gifted with the entrepreneur ability or not.  Along with the rave in dropshipping, comes with the myths and facts that we surely want to learn about. 

What are Dropshipping Myths and Facts
That’s right, you have heard about drop shipping with information widely accessible to anyone. The power of the internet is to spread news despite knowing if it is true or not. In this post, we will learn the myths about dropshipping, and reveal the facts about it. 

China Products is Never Good for the Dropshipping Business
Electronics, garments, footwear are just some of the items being produced in China. Most merchandise around us is made in China. This is no secret to anyone. Apart from China products being renowned in the manufacturing society, several people do not like buying products from China.  

There is a mindset about Chinese goods offering low quality and are not worth spending. While there are cases when the products do not seem to have been a top-quality item. For these reasons, sellers try to hide to their customers that their supplier is from China. Which is not right. 
First of all, you really cannot hide it from them that the products originated from China. When an order is placed, you do not want your customers to worry where their orders are. Ideally, you will provide them the tracking number. They will know the items are being shipped from China.  

Also, they will know it is from China given the length of time it takes to get the order. Even if you do white labeling your customers will know where it came from.  A way to handle queries about China-made products is to give assurance that these items are in-demand and many customers get the same product with no obstacles. 

Fast Money in Dropshipping
Money attracts many things in life. This is a game-changer in a wide perspective every time. We are already aware of this fact. A sad reality is, people who want to succeed are reckless and always look for faster ways to earn. This makes them think that dropshipping is a way to get easy money. 

This is not true. Earning money from dropshipping is more convenient compared with a traditional business. But, it takes more than posting items online to your store. The back-end job of dropshipping is more challenging. Here you have to deal with complaints, worry about the traffic to your store, orders errors and many more. 

Other challenges faced by dropshippers are retaining customers and keeping up with the tight competition. It is likely that due to the high demands of the products, more sellers will likely to sell the items and marketing needs to be more strategic. 
Dropshipping is Dead
Contrary to what others mentioned about the crowded community of dropshipping, dropshipping is not dead. Dropshipping is the future of retailing. A major retail clothing business has reported to close down hundreds of stores because they fail to keep up with the market. 

Young professionals are considered to be the primary market of the retail business. To which, these young professionals are Millenials and prefer to do their shopping online. In the upcoming years, the generation will be more adept to technology. Making dropshipping the future of retail business. 

The innovations in retails will continue to evolve and so is dropshipping. We can consider drop-shipping as a stepping stone to a more advanced retail business catering products to a wider range of community even to other countries.  

Dropshipping is Not a Real Business. 
Having a goal is important when you put up a business of your own. Dropshipping also included.  While others say that it is not a real business, it is. You will encounter customers day in and out and need to provide services for them. 

Most of the people who say that dropshipping is not a business to operate are wrong. In my opinion, these are the ones who fail in dropshipping because of several factors. Only 30 percent of the dropshippers succeed in the business which makes it even more challenging to those who keep on trying to achieve their goals. 

The truth is, some people use dropshipping as the main source of income. But it cannot be achieved right away. As we have mentioned, it takes a lot of hard work to be able to achieve positive results in dropshipping. 

Business is a risk.  But, you have to know that a risk can be calculated based on facts.  Also, right planning is an effective approach to succeed. Although we can say that there is always a fifty percent chance that you will fail.  What is good about having a business is the feeling of fulfilment every time you went past your personal goal.

The best way to pass through the challenges in dropshipping is to look for a partner in dropshipping who will make selling a lot easier. You are expected to encounter challenges every day. This is normal, but you have to understand that it is always the learning that will make you wiser as you go through the challenges in dropshipping. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

People buy stuff left and right during the holidays. This is the time of the year when dropshippers get all excited. People get extra money. This is when potential customers receive incentives, bonuses, double sales. To fully take advantage of the season, let us know what goods to sell during the holidays.

What products are good to sell during the holiday season as a dropshipper? 

  1. Cellphone accessories - Examples are Cases & Covers, Screen Protectors, Power banks, Bluetooth headsets, Headsets, Data Cables, Mobile Chargers
  2. Children’s Toys
  3. Women’s Accessories - Examples are pieces of jewellery ( rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings), Hair Accessories ( hair clips, headbands)
  4. Clothes ( for all ages)
  5. Holiday decorations

Cellphone Accessories
Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the most famous shopping holidays that happen in the fourth quarter of the year. People buy gadgets because they are on huge discounts. What product goes well with gadgets but the accessories, right? 

For dropshipping, we may not be able to sell gadgets. But we can sell accessories that go with these products. Not only that the items are affordable, but we can also sell variants that people might show interest in. It will be easier to ship these products anywhere because they do not expire as well as lightweight. 

Some examples of the cellphone accessories that are good to sell in dropshipping are phone cases, Bluetooth capable speakers and headsets, data cables, mobile chargers, power banks, cellphone glass, and plastic protectors and many others. 
Children’s Toys
Next on the list are children’s toys. Some charity gatherings and events happen during the fourth quarter, too. This is to support shelters, hospitals, and other care facilities. People who are in these facilities lack the opportunity to experience a normal childhood like other children. 

Also, the holiday season is more exciting for children. Every year, children look forward to getting pretty gifts from their parents, and relatives. Children love unwrapping gifts, and it makes them happy if they see toys. This also applies to adults that are young at heart.

As a dropshipper, it is a big advantage because companies will be interested in buying items in bulk. They want to be able to get the most discount possible. And we are looking to get more customers to buy quality toys from us. This is going to be a good increase in sales for the store, isn’t it?

Women’s Accessories
Women always want to look at their best. I mean, this is a natural thing for women. Especially during the holidays. They always want to look and be at their best. Which is why women’s accessories never really go out of trend. There are just some improvements to the style. For men, they see it as all the same, but for women - it is all different.  
For dropshippers, women’s accessories are good products because it comes with several variations. There are accessories for special events, daily wear, and office attire, etc. Also, these products are cheap, lightweight, and easy to transport. Like the other products we listed, they do not expire, which is necessary given shipping times are longer with dropshipping. 

Some examples are jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings that come in silver or stainless. Hair Accessories such as hair clips, headbands that come in different colors, and sizes perfect for any occasion. 

Aside from toys, one of the best gift options would be clothes. Clothes, in general, is a need that makes buyers find as more important compared with toys. Some customers value needs vs wants when buying gifts for loved ones. And that makes clothes a better choice for them.

Clothing items may also be seasonal. In some countries, where there are four seasons, they consider buying new clothes to be on-trend with the latest fashion. This is the reason why you would see promotions and discounts on clothing most of the time. This is a strategic way of encouraging people to buy products.

As a dropshipper, knowing that clothes are seasonal products, it is just right to fully take advantage of this product because our products are cheaper compared. Plus we offer convenience to our customers. This is an improvement that was taken advantage of by big stores. Offering to sell their products online. 

Holiday Decors
Finally, on the list are the holiday decors. Houses are decorated. Establishments and offices, too. Everyone likes the feel of the holiday and the decorations help the mood. There are different themes created over time. Customers are creative in putting up Christmas Trees, setting the tables, and decorating the office space.

We included the holiday decors because it is cheaper when bought ahead of time. The suppliers for these items markup the prices because of the demand. For dropshippers, it is an advantage because we have direct links to suppliers eliminating costs. We just need to watch out for the supplies because we do not want to be out of stock.  

Some examples are decorative accents, Christmas lights, wreaths and flowers, outdoor decorations and many more. Like the rest, the products do not expire and are lightweight. It is very easy to transport.

This is the season for gift giving. People are accustomed to buying this stuff because of the holidays. Most of the products are bought and used as a gift to friends and loved ones. Also, this is the time when parties are everywhere. This list is based on the most selling products during the season. 

Although some may not agree, these products are generally worth selling during the holidays. With the right software and promotions for dropshipping, surely your dropshipping store will hit your goal in terms of sales. Happy Holiday Selling!