Monday, April 29, 2019

Are Pet Supplies A Good Niche For Drop Shipping?

Selecting the right niche is the foundation of a dropshipping business.  When choosing the niche for your dropshipping store, you have to consider a few things.  With this, a good niche good is something that your market love. And that includes pet supplies. In this post, we will talk about pet supplies as a niche for your dropshipping store.

Are pet supplies a good niche for drop shipping? Yes, pet supplies are good niches because people who have pets are emotionally attached to their pets that they always want to buy something for them.  It is just like a new parent having a baby. Pet owners are likely to make purchases often for their pets.

We understand that there could be multiple niche or products on your dropshipping stores.  Getting a profitable niche is the backbone of your business. Without getting the right niche for your market, your store will not earn money. Pet supplies are one of the many niches that you as a drop shipper can sell online.  

Pet supplies is a wide range of niche that can help your sales for your dropshipping.  As we go along this post, we would know further why pet supplies are a good niche, and what products you could sell for your dropshipping store.

Why Does Pet Supplies Make A Good Niche for Dropshipping?

Large Market to Target
Did you know that sixty-eight percent of the household in the United States have pets?  This is roughly eight five million families owning a pet. Imagine the number of people you target as a market for your dropshipping.  Considering the number of potential customers, pet supplies are good niches in dropshipping.  

For Pet Lovers, It Is a Sign of Love
Aside from the number of pet owner, pet owners consider their pets as a family.  To some, they treat their dogs, or cats as their child and part of the family. They have an emotional connection with the pets and would treat them special.  Having said that, buying supplies, treats and pet stuff would be common to the pet lovers.

They Use Pet Supplies as a Gift
Thirty-five percent of pet lovers are millennials.  Because they love their pets too much, they want to buy stuff that will make them look good or things that could possibly help in caring for their pets.  These pet lovers would regularly buy stuff for their pets as a gift at least once a month. To some, with more than one pet, it could be more frequent.

Price Range
Any product sold in between the range of $1 to $50 dollars is good to buy.  If people search for stuff online, they go for a product that is sold cheaper.  Anything that goes beyond $50 is to be discussed with a parent, partner, or teammates.  For pet supplies, there are a lot of products that are sold for a relatively low price, making them have to decide and buy the items fast.

Need-Based Products
I keep on saying that pet lovers consider their pets as their family.  As a family, you provide them with their needs. It is non-negotiable for them to let this slip.  As part of their everyday living, just like humans, these pets need to be fed, bathed, and rest. Anything related to this needs is a good product and will definitely sell to the market.

Going back to our question earlier on this post, are pet supplies a good niche for drops shipping?  Yes, it is a good niche for drop shipping. Having pets is not only a hobby right now. These pets help relieve stress after a long day of work.  More and more people are getting inclined to pet-owning and will continue to progress over the years. Considering this a part of your top 10 niches for your dropshipping will help you raise your sales.


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