Monday, May 20, 2019

Top 15 Niches For Dropshipping in 2019

Finding the right niche is the foundation of a successful drop shipping business. Contrary to what others say, dropshipping is very much alive up to date.  With the demands and competition, it is important that we are strategic in choosing the right niche for dropshipping. In 2019, we’d like to focus on trends that may get more sales and expand our potential customers.

First, let us understand what is a niche?  A niche is defined as, “the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment.”  To simplify niche in a drop shipping, basically, it is focusing on a specific product targeting a specific group of people with a common interest. So now, I have come up with a list of niches for drop shipping in 2019.

Why is it important to find the right niche for your drop shipping business?
Finding the right niche is the foundation of dropshipping primarily because of the fact that selling is the main goal of our business.  If we are not able to sell many items, this only means we are not getting profit from it. No profit, no income. In addition to getting more profit, we also want to target a specific market and providing them with the right products.  This will help us cater to other potential customer and expand the business. So as we go through this post, we will talk about the top 15 niches for drop shipping in 2019.

Travel luggage and accessories
Travelling is on the top list because people spend money and time on traveling.  Recently, people have displayed an urge to travel. This is an avenue to release stress and become more productive at work.  According to statistics by the World Tourism Organization show that 1.18 billion tourists spent at least one night abroad in 2015.  This is continuously growing over the years because it is becoming a need to escape from too much stress. A primary reason for the increase in statistics of travelers is due to the fact that traveling has become cheaper.  This makes them attract more tourist to pay a visit to their attraction. Backpacking travel contributes to the increase in tourism for most places, travel luggage and accessories are one of the trendy items considered to be a good niche because it targets people who consider traveling as a lifestyle.

Gaming setup and accessories
The gamers community is becoming bigger as we advance our technology.  There’s been a lot of applications, software, and games developed to attract gamers.  With the advancement of technology, the graphical user interface of computer games has improved over time.  Remember that gamers are spending extended hours playing their favorite video games hence is important to be comfortable when playing.  It is also studied that many are excessive gamers spending money to increase the speed and specs of the gaming console or device used for playing.  Gaming setup and accessories would target the growing population of gamers and would make a good niche for 2019.

Workstations materials and equipment
Most work is done using a computer table and a chair.  This is a regular setup of a workspace for most employees in the office.  Why we considered this as a niche is because, an average adult is spending at least 8 hours in the office, in front of their computer.  The time spent working is greater compared with spending time on leisure. In addition, work from home is also becoming an option targeting the population of working mothers. Potential customers will seek for materials and equipment that will make them more productive, at the same time comfortable.  

Tiny home decor products
Decorating houses could be one way to relieve stress.  For dropshippers, this is a good niche because there are China-made products that are sold at a low price with good quality.  Plus, home decor products are not only applicable to house decorations. Office space, food establishments, and other business related establishment would follow the latest trend and go with the season like Christmas, Valentine’s day, or Holloween.  This helps them promote their businesses, too. This is included on the list of a good niche for drop shipping because while it is seasonal, people would always find a reason to decorate, on any occasion.

Kitchen equipment
When did you see a household without a kitchen?  Who does not want to eat good food? Kitchen equipment is essential because it helps to make good food at the fastest and convenient time possible.  In addition, just like in home decorating products, kitchen equipment is available at a high quality and sold at a low price. There was an increase in sales over the years for kitchen equipment and materials because they are found to be essential to be more productive, safe and sanitized when preparing food at the kitchen.  This is a low-risk business idea while providing usefulness to potential customers.

Maternity Clothing
Maternity and parenthood are considered as a steady marketplace.  While this may not produce a spike in sales, generates steady revenue for your dropshipping business.  The demands will always be present because there is an average of 1.1% increase in the human population around the world.  We can assume that couples are to be pregnant and have kids. This is going to be a good niche for 2019 because parents nowadays make sure that they are prepared before, during and after pregnancy.  Expectant mothers are expected to experience changes in their bodies and would need new wardrobe and clothing while pregnant as well as post pregnancy.

Cell phone accessories
Every year, there are new models of cell phones released.  Different models, product features, style, etc. People nowadays cannot live without their cell phone handy.  This is becoming a part of the daily life of almost everyone. One of the reasons why this is a good niche for your dropshipping business.  Cell phone accessories such as power banks, earphone, and charger is a must-have of anyone with a cell phone on hand. Plus, a lot of people are inclined to social media, giving them another reason to always use their cell phones.  In fact, cell phones now are so advanced that we can even do work using our smartphones.

Home theater equipment
In today’s lifestyle, people are so busy with their everyday living.  An average adult who is tired from work spends their time to rest while the television is on.  Also, there are a lot of good TV series and movies to watch from that will entertain you. This kind of entertainment is not limited to a household but can also be set up in the office, or at schools for advanced learning.  With this in mind, getting this as part of your niche for 2019 will help you with your sales. Examples of products that can be sold under this niche are speakers, projectors, wall mounts, etc.

Sports accessories
Sport is an outlet to release stress by producing endorphins. This is known to help a person be happy and reduce the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression.  Aside from reducing stress, this also helps us become more healthy and become fit. This also teaches us discipline and improve teamwork and boost self-esteem.  There are many good benefits in sports. This can also be a source of entertainment for fanatics. This is a good niche for your dropshipping business because it can offer broader advertisements and sponsors.  Gym memberships and fitness programs are a bit pricey and not everyone can afford it. This is one of the reasons why getting fit is not taken into consideration. To address this, there were fitness equipment and accessories created to meet the needs of those who want to be fit at the same time eliminate the cost.  

Pets accessories
We all have heard of the phrase “a dog is a man’s best friend”, haven’t you? For this niche, we not only talk about dogs as pets.  There are cats, birds, fishes, and many others. In fact, those who have pets consider them as part of the family. Which is why this will be a very good niche for 2019.  Pet lovers buy accessories such as clothing, food equipment, pet toys, tags, etc. There are couples who cannot get pregnant and opt to have pets in return. This is a way to show their affection and care and make the relationship better.  Pet lovers claim to have pets to reduce stress and improve their mood.

Baby clothes and items
Earlier, we talked about motherhood and parenting niche.  Did you know that there’s an average of 250 babies being born every minute all over the world?  Matter of fact, this niche works hand in hand with motherhood and parenting niche. Baby items are also a steady niche because babies grow fast and they have extra needs as they grow bigger.  They are sensitive and very little and may need specialized products that would match their needs. Also, most new parents were observed to spend more on new baby products such as clothes, shoes, socks, and food containers and materials all designed and are too cute for their babies.

Car accessories
Getting a car offers convenience to its passengers instead of getting on buses and trains to travel from one place to another.  Some consider getting their own car for their security. This sums up why there was an increase in the sales of cars in the market.  Getting your own vehicle has been part of the necessities of a household. For every family, there is at least one vehicle. With the demands of getting your own vehicle, we can say those car accessories is a good niche for 2019.  Anything about convenience and safety is everyone’s concern, especially on the roads. The products under this niche could be, fog lights, cup holders and many more.

Entertainment and showbiz have made its way to influence people.  This is one of the reasons why, in this day and age, people are conscious about how they appear in front of many.  Being beautiful is one of the insecurities of a person, be it a man or a woman. For this niche, it mainly targets women who are known to be fond of shopping and spending money to look beautiful.  This is one way for a woman to feel confident of themselves. Looking nice and beautiful is a woman’s weakness and therefore would not mind spending lots of money for it. Also, there are women who are too busy going to the fitness gym to maintain a good shape.  Buying shapewear will definitely be a quick fix for those who are less confident about themselves.

Bluetooth, outdoor speakers
Things that are portable is always a good niche.  This made way to the inventions of laptops vs desktop computers and cell phones vs plain old telephone systems.  The main feature of both is portability. With this, people have discovered how power banks can surely make a hit in the market.  And the same goes for Bluetooth outdoor speakers. When people go out to hang out in the garden for a drink, do a hike, or spend the night by the beach - music will be the primary source of entertainment to break the silence of the night.  Good quality speakers that are compatible with a cell phone via Bluetooth will make a good niche for 2019, especially that this comes at a low price, too.

Health and Cosmetics
This is a quite huge niche and there are many products that can be sold under this niche.  How people look is something that matters now. We all want to be presentable and good looking.  There are cosmetics products and health supplements created to address the “needs” of people wanting to look good and pretty.  This also explains why weight loss supplements and beauty products are becoming in demand. Products under this niche may include makeup, skin care products, weight loss supplements, and many more.

The Conclusion
Anything you sell on your dropshipping store has to be researched to ensure that you will make a profit out of it.  When choosing a niche, there are a few things you need to consider. First would be the price. People will always make a need for a product that comes at an affordable price.  Second would be the target market. Would you sell winter products to tropical countries? Obviously, you want to sell items that are appropriate to the market. You might have your own way of choosing.  What’s important would be how you would gain customers and earn from the sales.


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