Friday, June 28, 2019

Did you have an idea of how much money we need to spend if you are interested in setting up a dropshipping store? Well, let me tell you this.  In dropshipping, you spend a minimal amount on the product cost. What you pay for is the monthly subscription for the dropshipping platform. Most of the money spent on marketing.  So, free traffic is a thing in dropshipping. But, how do you do that? Let’s see as we go along this post. 

You are pretty much aware of how dropshipping works.  If you don’t know yet, check this post: How Does Dropshipping Work? Basically, it is safe to say that we do not spend much on products because we process the order and get products only when there is a sale. 

How to get free traffic to your dropshipping store? There are new ways to drive traffic without paying for the ads.  Top on the list is mastering SEO which is found to be an effective way to drive traffic.  Also, engaging with potential customers using social media, and online communities are very effective to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.  Let us all find out how.

Right now, we will learn which platforms, tools, and channels are effective to use to drive traffic.  We will tackle ways to provide valuable content for your dropshipping store. Lastly, know how we can start driving the traffic for free.

What Channels Are Used to Effectively Drive Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store?

Use Online Communities 
Many people would like to know information about drop shipping.  They may have heard how dropshipping is easy to accomplish while keeping the cost minimal.  It is true that dropshipping is a low-risk business and only uses a computer and an internet connection to operate.  However, the statistics say that only ten percent of people who ventured to dropshipping succeeded. This makes online communities a powerful tool to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.

Among the famous online communities are Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.  Experts on the drop shipping business and other related topics write responses to questions being asked by the community.  Using online communities such as these can help you drive traffic to your dropshipping store. But, you need to be mindful about your responses because these online communities do not allow advertisement.  What you can do though, is to write relevant responses not directly promoting your store but giving them suggestions about the products you offer. 
Engage To Your Customers to Communicate
Do not underestimate the power of social media in terms of promoting products online.  There are billions of Facebook users around the world who spends a huge amount of time browsing using this site.  Here, the most powerful channel is Facebook Group: Dropshipping Tools - eBay, Amazon, Shopify.  

A Facebook group is being used as a way to connect with your customers, or possibly potential customers, and clients getting relevant information about drop shipping.  You can post, share and promote your products for free, too. You can share blogs and other related articles to your Facebook Group Page that talks about drop shipping, or suggestions that may be relevant to the products you are selling at your store.  From there, you can let your audience decide which products are helpful to them.

Facebook is also one way to check if your store is legitimate by checking on the recommendations and reviews.  Just ensure that you post quality content, and build a strong relationship by being responsive to your customers and improve your reliability as a business owner.  Plus, what a good way to share your products for free, right. You get it right! Setting up a Facebook Group for your drop shipping does not cost you anything.

Be Discoverable in the Community of Dropshipping Using Pinterest 
I have mentioned this earlier that using Pinterest is one of the effective ways to engage with potential customers of dropshipping.  I am writing a separate post because I would like to highlight how Pinterest is a reliable source for most customers who are interested in getting relevant information about anything.  This helps customers decide what to purchase, which services to take and get general information.  

Pinterest is a reliable social media platforms that allow a user to share pictures, blogs, and link your account to social media, websites, and engage in online communities.  You will have the opportunity to get followers driving more traffic to your dropshipping store. You can post and share your products, and even share an interest in the product you sell online.  There are millions of active users in Pinterest which allows them to view contents even using their mobile phones. In addition, the majority of the users are millennials which also plays a big chunk of the audience in dropshipping.
Share Your Creative Side Using Instagram
Just like the above-mentioned social media platforms and communities, Instagram is found to be an effective platform to share the products in your dropshipping store.  There are customers who are inclined with good pictures and Instagram is the best platform to use for this. You can start by posting your products, how it is effective and where to use them.  Or, you can also share good contents that relate to dropshipping.  

To gain more followers, timing is very important.  It is suggested that you post relevant content about dropshipping every once in a while.  Let’s say for instance, on Day 1- You can post a relevant post about dropshipping. Day 3 - Post pictures of relevant topics something that talks about uses of one of the products you sell at your online store.  Day 5 - Share good pictures of your products. 
Another thing is, you have to ensure that you consistently post in your Instagram accounts because there are a lot of active users that following products or services.  One effective strategy to use on Instagram is to use hashtags. This will ensure that potential customers are driven to your Instagram page which will also direct you to your dropshipping website. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

With the competition too tight in dropshipping.  If you want to start doing a dropshipping business, then you have to be creative and learn how to blend with the market.  Knowing how to advertise your dropshipping store will make your business succeed even more. As we go along this post, we will learn the tips on how to advertise a dropshipping store.

How to advertise your dropshipping store? There are four strategies used by successful dropshippers. First on the list is Search Engine Optimization.  Second would be free social media marketing. The third is to use Paid Ads on Facebook or Instagram. And lastly, the Pay Per Click or Google Ads.  Let us discuss it in details as we go on.

I know that you are already thrilled to get information in advertising a dropshipping store. Before we tackle the strategies brought about earlier to advertise a dropshipping store, let us first talk about the factors that affect the success of a dropshipping business.  We want to understand these factors so that if we came across these challenges, we can overcome them in the future.

Unattentive Customers
The key to any business is having many customers.  Which is why we need to pay attention to the potential customers we want to target.  When a customer searches something online, there is a long list of results that will appear in your search engine.  Customers may not pay attention if your website is not set up properly to attract customers. With the right strategy, we can ensure that your store will be visible to the right customers. The more customers we attract means we get more sales coming in.

Google Confusing Results
Just like having unattentive customers, we also need to make sure that we are giving our customers a relevant result.  Remember that each time customers browse through their internet searching about the products or services we might be offering, there are thousands of results that will appear.  

This might confuse us, especially that we are targeting more customers to buy from our store.  What is the use of your website over hundreds of competitions we are not giving our customers the most relevant results using a search engine, right?
High Competition
Right now, technology has intensified the means to increase the number of people who wanted to start their own drop shipping business.  So, we cannot be blindsided by the competition. They may be using the same strategies we can be used to improve the business. To ensure that we work on par with other people who are doing drop shipping,  we have to be creative to think effective ways that could help your dropshipping business.

These are the strategies commonly used to advertise your dropshipping store.  To arrange it in order, we want to start from the most effective technique with the least amount of money to spend.  Now onto the meaty part of this post. We will talk about each strategy that was mentioned above to advertise a dropshipping store.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects to succeed in dropshipping. By doing the right strategies, it will save time and money.

Crafting Your Skills in Search Engine Optimization  
This is the most commonly used strategy especially if you are in a business that is being dealt mostly online.  This was found to be a very effective way to increase the traffic and make a positive conversion to your dropshipping business.  By improving the ranking of your website, your products will be visible to more customers and in return will gain the chances to generate more sales.  

To improve SEO ranking means that you have to write relevant keywords to your website.  This may take quite some time to master. However, once you were able to get this technique, this will greatly impact your dropshipping store.  Plus, it does not cost you anything hence saving hundreds of dollars for the marketing campaign.
Take Advantage of the Free Social Media Marketing
We are all aware of how social media influences our daily lives.  There are billions of active Facebook, and Instagram users around the world.  Each day, people spend an average of at least five hours who browses these social media sites.  This is an opportunity seen by business owners to improve the marketing strategy of a business. It is also effective with dropshipping.  It is easy to sign up, post and share your products using social media.

Become an Image Marketing Influencer
Another strategy that is commonly used by people who are in the drop shipping business is to become an image marketing influencer.  This is a good way to present the branding, credibility and share personal opinions relevant to the product you are selling, and the services you provide.  

Some examples of ways how to become an influencer are by writing blogs, answer questions to Quora or Reddit.  People often use these websites to ask questions to a certain topic. By using these platforms, you have the chance to improve the SEO ranking of your website by using relevant keywords to your dropshipping store.

Using Pay Per Click or Google ads
By definition, this is an advertising strategy that is being used to increase traffic to your website. It shows ads to people while they are searching for something via a search engine.  This is an effective strategy used by dropshippers to improve the SEO ranking of their website. The better ranking you get for your website, the more customers you will attract to your store.

Paid ads on Instagram/ Facebook -
If you have good pictures of your product, you can take advantage of the paid ads on Instagram and Facebook.  Good pictures increase the credibility of the products you are selling.

The goal of advertising is to improve the sales of your business.  It will help the customers understand how your products works, services you can offer to them and then let them decide how and what products to choose.  In dropshipping, we want to reduce the amount we spend on the marketing campaigns while we attract customers to buy products on your dropshipping store.

Monday, June 17, 2019

We know that most transactions in a dropshipping business happen online.  We also know that the competition is quite high knowing that starting a drop shipping is easier to put up compared with the traditional business.  Now we need to discuss SEO on this post to be aware and strategic in making your dropshipping business successful.

What are the reasons why you need SEO for your dropshipping business? One of the major goals of drop shipping is to be able to get customers and to improve your site ranking in the search engine.  This is a strategy used by dropshippers to increase sales at the same time reducing costs for marketing campaigns.

Just before we discuss the reasons why we need SEO for dropshipping, let us understand what SEO means and how it works.

What is SEO and How Does It Work?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic, increasing visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine - Wikipedia.  

There are a number of search engines available that we use to look for something online.  Some of these are the most commonly used are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. When you search for something using the search engine, we use keywords.  These keywords will give you thousands of results. The only thing that you will on usually is those on the first page, most probably the top 3-5 results.  If you did not get relevant answers, it is unlikely that you will go through the 2nd or the 3rd page. What you will do is use a different keyword to search.

This is why SEO is important.  It improves the quality of search results you get in a search engine.  Now, let us link it with dropshipping. Why do dropshippers use SEO in their drop shipping business?  Technically, the main purpose is to improve your website’s ranking and increase sales for your business.  I’ve gathered the top five reasons why it is important in dropshipping.
SEO Help People Find Your Website
In general, the main purpose of SEO is to improve the site ranking and help people find your site.  For a dropshipping business, this is important because your customers are sourced online. The better website ranking you get, the more customers are most likely to subscribe and purchase your products.  

This is a good strategy to lessen the cost of a marketing campaign. Drop shipping does not require cost for inventory, hence most of the dropshippers are spending more on their marketing campaign. SEO helps your website become visible to others making it your edge over the competition which is vast growing.

In addition, SEO leads to a positive conversion by gaining more customers to click on your websites, which may, in turn, attract paid ads, customers and partners.

It Leads Your Site to a Relevant Traffic
When you create a website for your drop shipping, you not only put on the website for your products.  You want to attract potential customers, partners and paid ads to it too. Once your site is visible, more related users will visit your website and will help generate the income you need saving you hundreds of dollars in marketing strategies and campaigns.  Just remember that profits are coming from successful subscription, hence getting more customers and sales.
Increases the Trusts and Credibility of Your Store
Not only is ranking important in dropshipping.  Yes, you want to be visible. Yes, you want to get subscribers and customers.  But, being credible is another thing. Getting customers to buy products on your website is essential but if your dropshipping website is not credible, you will eventually lose customers.  We want to keep our customers and ensure that they can trust the products too. This will also improve the expansion of your sales.

Builds Stronger Product Branding
Why do you think people purchase products from branded stores?  You are right. We are talking about quality. SEO improves the ability to build stronger product branding for your business.  How do we achieve this? Simply by improving the visibility of our dropshipping store, more customers will be attracted to it, the more chance we get to improve our services.  The more satisfied customers you get, the greater chances you gain in them talking about your products and services to their friends.

Convert Local Business to a Bigger One
In the beginning, you want to cater to customers within your local community.  But surely, you want to expand your sales. I know, it is a big responsibility to cater to more customers.  Being able to convert the local business will make you earn more money. You wanna dream big when aiming to start your own business.  Dropshipping is a legitimate business that can let you earn good money if you play it right.

How to Improve SEO in drop shipping?
There are a handful of techniques that you can use to improve SEO in dropshipping.  The top on the list is to work on the length of content in your dropshipping website.  Each content should have relevant keywords which target a specific audience. By doing this, you are able to target customers and helps you become visible compared to your competition.  In addition, we know that most consumers would use their mobile phones in browsing through the web. This is also true when browsing products that are for sale. We also want to ensure that the websites are mobile user-friendly and that the view is fit for a mobile phone.

I hope that you are able to get as much idea as to how search engine optimization helps improve a dropshipping business.  Competition with dropshipping is becoming too tight due to the number of people wanting to start dropshipping. As we briefly discussed, this is one of the reasons why we want to learn about SEO and how it will help us in becoming successful in dropshipping.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Dropshipping has become very popular in the retail business.  It was an opportunity opened to people who want to veer away from the regular nine to five jobs, as they call it. With this mindset, many got interested in and starting to learn the basics of dropship shipping.  But on the other note, most dropshippers fail the business. Today, we will learn why.

Why do most dropshippers fail?  The reason why most dropshippers fail because there are lots of good articles written about earning on drop shipping, people get too interested and immediately start their own without enough research.  Plus, most people getting into drop shipping are too emotional that when they’re starting up and did not get their expected return of investment, they quit.

What was discussed was just an overview of the reasons why most dropshippers fail.  We have gathered pieces of information shared by people who experienced dropshipping.  We have listed a few and discuss each of them one by one.

Emotional Dropshipper
I know. We just talked about this.  Allow me to elaborate further why this goes first on the list.  I say that emotional drop shipper is a common failure because most of the time, we are too eager to get the number of sales we want to achieve in our store.  I have said this before if you want to be successful in dropshipping, you have to work hard because it takes perseverance to win the game.

While it is true that you can start dropshipping with a minimal capital expense, drop shipping does require marketing strategies that will make your business successful.  This is why a lot of dropshippers subscribe to paid advertising and marketing to ensure that people learn about your store and see what’s being offered.

Wrong Selection of Product Niche
A good product niche is the foundation of a successful drop shipping business.  A niche is used to target your audience and sell the right products, use the correct marketing strategy and increase your sales.  Without making the right decision in choosing the product niche, eventually, even if you have good marketing strategies in place, your business will fail.  

If customers do not like the product you are selling, who will buy from your store?  You will end up spending on marketing agendas that will not gain or will only make minimal returns to your business.
Inexperienced Dropshipper
This is somehow related to the first reason stated as to why most dropshippers fail.  Because of the things you see about earning good money with dropshipping, you are definitely attracted to the things you can get out of it yet, failed to do deep research on doing drop shipping.  

There are a lot of write-ups on people failing dropshipping especially while starting because they lack knowledge of the challenges you might encounter as you go along dropshipping.  

Poor Customer Service
Dropshipping does not only deal with order fulfillment. This part of the business is sometimes overlooked because they think that selling products at a good price and deliver the items to the customer is all it takes to manage dropshipping.  

Before customers decide to take products off your store, they may ask questions about the product, check legitimacy.  When the order is fulfilled, there may be times when it takes time for the customer to receive the products. Or, a certain product that you post online has bad ratings because the supplier was inefficient.  

These are just some of customer support questions that you may encounter at your store.  As a manager, you have to ensure that all these are covered and well taken care of. In addition, good customer support is also one of the reasons to gain customer loyalty to our products.
Highly Priced Products
Sure, our goal is to earn money.  And we know that in dropshipping we only gain a small margin from each sale.  The mindset would be to increase the product to earn more. Yes, you may have the right niche and good customer service.  But, if your rates are not competing against other dropshippers, you will definitely lose the business.

This is where product research comes to the picture.  You want to check the competition, know the statistics of potential customers and publish reasonable prices to your products.

Boring Dropshipping Website
Next on the list is the boring website.  Transactions are mostly happening through your ”store” which is basically the dropshipping website.  Here, what people see reflects the entire business. That’s why I mentioned previously that suppliers look into the drop shipping website to know if the drop shipper is capable of selling their products effectively.  

A catchy and attractive website will drive more market to your sales, also paid ads will eventually come in.  A good drop shipping website should be detailed, updated and has catchy promotions going on to attract customers. Creativity plays a good role in making sure that your website is adequate and attractive for both suppliers and customers.

Inconsistent Marketing and Managing Techniques
Did you know that in drop shipping, a greater portion of the expense is allocated to marketing?  This is very important because the business itself is facing a lot of competition. Because it is easy to set up, more and more wanna-be dropshippers are starting their own.  Now, having a strong marketing plan, and strategies will make the life of your drop shipping.

On the other hand, because there are so many people wanting to succeed in drop shipping, and that is very easy to set up, there are people who are eager at first during startup but in the long run, will eventually lose interest because they are not getting what is expected of the business.  Same with marketing, being consistent overall is essential to fully succeed with drop shipping.

Being in the business of dropshipping, I’d say is easy to start with proper knowledge and research.  Adding perseverance and consistency is a huge thing as well because, in reality, this may be a reliable business model to earn money.  However, this needs additional effort to succeed.

Monday, June 3, 2019

I am pretty sure that you have heard about dropshipping: what it does and why people are getting into the dropshipping business.  We also have an idea that dropshipping is a business method of making money online without putting off a large amount of money. And, you do not need an inventory, at all.  

In essence, we have an idea of how dropshipping works, but in the next post, we will talk about the details as to how drop shipping really works.

How does dropshipping work? The process of dropshipping involves customers, dropshipper and the supplier.  A customer will buy from the dropshippers’ online store. Once the order has been processed by dropshipper, the order will be sent to the supplier who will fulfill the order and will directly ship the products to the customer.

Step by step process of dropshipping:
Before we discuss the entire process of drop shipping, let us first understand the components and their roles in the process.

The supplier plays a very important role in dropshipping.  This is where the products are coming from. There are several suppliers available who is aware of how dropshipping works.  It is important that the suppliers are in agreement with you that you will be making the purchase to dropship items. Why? Because the supplier will be doing branding, packaging, and shipping.  

As a drop shipper, you will be buying the products from the supplier at a price of wholesale.  To make a profit, you will sell the products at a retail price. Let’s say, for example, you purchase a pet accessory for $2.50 in wholesale, then to gain margin, you sell it for $7.50.  Of course, you have to be aware of and check the competition. Also, there are times when the customer will shoulder the shipping. So you have to consider that, too.
The customer is your audience for the dropshipping business.  He is the one buying from your “store” make the payment and provides his shipping information.  Customers generally are after the convenience they get when drop shipping. A few things they consider would be the sellers’ rating, product description, checks and compares prices.  

This is the part where we come in.  Here, we set up a “store” where we post the products we want to sell.  In dropshipping, because you never do inventory, all the products you sell are posted on your website.  We will focus on the drop shipper part because this is most of the transactions are processed. Below are the things we manage as a drop shipper.

Finding a good product niche
As a drop shipper, you are responsible for choosing the right product niche for your business.  This is very important because this is the foundation of your business. A good niche will determine if you will get more orders and customers, too.

Setting up a Website.  
A website will be the store for your business.  Most of the transactions happen here. This is where your customers will shop and check out the products you sell.  Because dropshippers do not hold inventory, it is very important to have a website that could attract customers as well as suppliers.  Some suppliers check a dropshipping website to know if you are a legitimate drop shipper and also to gain confidence that you will be making good sales of their product.

Driving traffic to the sale
The website you put up will be hosting the service posting the items up for sale.  When the customer finds a product that he’s interested in and makes the purchase, the transaction will be processed on the website.  Once the payment was made, the order will be processed and the information will be sent to the supplier. The supplier will be processing the branding, packaging and shipping the products directly to the customer.
Why is dropshipping a trend?
At this generation, people are looking into convenience.  This is also happening in shopping. That is why, a huge number of customers are going for online shopping instead of the traditional shopping where you have to spend hours on the queue making the payment, or spending time traveling just to make that purchase at the malls.

This is an opportunity seen by entrepreneurs.  It has been studied that people will continuously make a purchase regardless of the situation they are in.  it could be purchasing for a need or a want, it does not matter. As long as there items on sale, people will decide to buy the products.

With this innovation, we have made a way to dropshipping. Compared with the traditional business model, dropshipping is advantageous to people who do not have enough capital to start a business.  Because it does not require an upfront cost, more and more dropshippers are attracted to the idea of making money online with minimal capital.

Due to the demands of dropshipping, the competition on drop shipping business is becoming even tighter.  You can see that there are items on sale on Shop A which is also the same item sold at Shop B. In this case, a drop shipper needs to be creative so that you can be competitive and still attract new customers, and also have repeat customers to shop in your “store”.  

Part of the competition we are looking into is the fact the there are drop shipping companies who fail to expand or succeed in this field.  Aside from being able to cater the customers in terms of sales, we want to sustain having this business to continuously make the profit and earn.  

One of the things we consider in starting a drop shipping is to first understand what drop shipping, and how it works.  Sure, many of us have an idea of the drop shipping framework, but in reality - there’s a lot more to know. In fact, in choosing the product niche along can be challenging for first-time dropshippers.  

To ensure that we go forward and succeed with the dropshipping business, we have to do a lot of research. Know how dropshipping works, and what are the things to expect when you start your own dropshipping.