Monday, June 24, 2019

How To Advertise Your Dropshipping Store?

With the competition too tight in dropshipping.  If you want to start doing a dropshipping business, then you have to be creative and learn how to blend with the market.  Knowing how to advertise your dropshipping store will make your business succeed even more. As we go along this post, we will learn the tips on how to advertise a dropshipping store.

How to advertise your dropshipping store? There are four strategies used by successful dropshippers. First on the list is Search Engine Optimization.  Second would be free social media marketing. The third is to use Paid Ads on Facebook or Instagram. And lastly, the Pay Per Click or Google Ads.  Let us discuss it in details as we go on.

I know that you are already thrilled to get information in advertising a dropshipping store. Before we tackle the strategies brought about earlier to advertise a dropshipping store, let us first talk about the factors that affect the success of a dropshipping business.  We want to understand these factors so that if we came across these challenges, we can overcome them in the future.

Unattentive Customers
The key to any business is having many customers.  Which is why we need to pay attention to the potential customers we want to target.  When a customer searches something online, there is a long list of results that will appear in your search engine.  Customers may not pay attention if your website is not set up properly to attract customers. With the right strategy, we can ensure that your store will be visible to the right customers. The more customers we attract means we get more sales coming in.

Google Confusing Results
Just like having unattentive customers, we also need to make sure that we are giving our customers a relevant result.  Remember that each time customers browse through their internet searching about the products or services we might be offering, there are thousands of results that will appear.  

This might confuse us, especially that we are targeting more customers to buy from our store.  What is the use of your website over hundreds of competitions we are not giving our customers the most relevant results using a search engine, right?
High Competition
Right now, technology has intensified the means to increase the number of people who wanted to start their own drop shipping business.  So, we cannot be blindsided by the competition. They may be using the same strategies we can be used to improve the business. To ensure that we work on par with other people who are doing drop shipping,  we have to be creative to think effective ways that could help your dropshipping business.

These are the strategies commonly used to advertise your dropshipping store.  To arrange it in order, we want to start from the most effective technique with the least amount of money to spend.  Now onto the meaty part of this post. We will talk about each strategy that was mentioned above to advertise a dropshipping store.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects to succeed in dropshipping. By doing the right strategies, it will save time and money.

Crafting Your Skills in Search Engine Optimization  
This is the most commonly used strategy especially if you are in a business that is being dealt mostly online.  This was found to be a very effective way to increase the traffic and make a positive conversion to your dropshipping business.  By improving the ranking of your website, your products will be visible to more customers and in return will gain the chances to generate more sales.  

To improve SEO ranking means that you have to write relevant keywords to your website.  This may take quite some time to master. However, once you were able to get this technique, this will greatly impact your dropshipping store.  Plus, it does not cost you anything hence saving hundreds of dollars for the marketing campaign.
Take Advantage of the Free Social Media Marketing
We are all aware of how social media influences our daily lives.  There are billions of active Facebook, and Instagram users around the world.  Each day, people spend an average of at least five hours who browses these social media sites.  This is an opportunity seen by business owners to improve the marketing strategy of a business. It is also effective with dropshipping.  It is easy to sign up, post and share your products using social media.

Become an Image Marketing Influencer
Another strategy that is commonly used by people who are in the drop shipping business is to become an image marketing influencer.  This is a good way to present the branding, credibility and share personal opinions relevant to the product you are selling, and the services you provide.  

Some examples of ways how to become an influencer are by writing blogs, answer questions to Quora or Reddit.  People often use these websites to ask questions to a certain topic. By using these platforms, you have the chance to improve the SEO ranking of your website by using relevant keywords to your dropshipping store.

Using Pay Per Click or Google ads
By definition, this is an advertising strategy that is being used to increase traffic to your website. It shows ads to people while they are searching for something via a search engine.  This is an effective strategy used by dropshippers to improve the SEO ranking of their website. The better ranking you get for your website, the more customers you will attract to your store.

Paid ads on Instagram/ Facebook -
If you have good pictures of your product, you can take advantage of the paid ads on Instagram and Facebook.  Good pictures increase the credibility of the products you are selling.

The goal of advertising is to improve the sales of your business.  It will help the customers understand how your products works, services you can offer to them and then let them decide how and what products to choose.  In dropshipping, we want to reduce the amount we spend on the marketing campaigns while we attract customers to buy products on your dropshipping store.

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