Friday, June 28, 2019

How To Get Free Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store?

Did you have an idea of how much money we need to spend if you are interested in setting up a dropshipping store? Well, let me tell you this.  In dropshipping, you spend a minimal amount on the product cost. What you pay for is the monthly subscription for the dropshipping platform. Most of the money spent on marketing.  So, free traffic is a thing in dropshipping. But, how do you do that? Let’s see as we go along this post. 

You are pretty much aware of how dropshipping works.  If you don’t know yet, check this post: How Does Dropshipping Work? Basically, it is safe to say that we do not spend much on products because we process the order and get products only when there is a sale. 

How to get free traffic to your dropshipping store? There are new ways to drive traffic without paying for the ads.  Top on the list is mastering SEO which is found to be an effective way to drive traffic.  Also, engaging with potential customers using social media, and online communities are very effective to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.  Let us all find out how.

Right now, we will learn which platforms, tools, and channels are effective to use to drive traffic.  We will tackle ways to provide valuable content for your dropshipping store. Lastly, know how we can start driving the traffic for free.

What Channels Are Used to Effectively Drive Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store?

Use Online Communities 
Many people would like to know information about drop shipping.  They may have heard how dropshipping is easy to accomplish while keeping the cost minimal.  It is true that dropshipping is a low-risk business and only uses a computer and an internet connection to operate.  However, the statistics say that only ten percent of people who ventured to dropshipping succeeded. This makes online communities a powerful tool to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.

Among the famous online communities are Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.  Experts on the drop shipping business and other related topics write responses to questions being asked by the community.  Using online communities such as these can help you drive traffic to your dropshipping store. But, you need to be mindful about your responses because these online communities do not allow advertisement.  What you can do though, is to write relevant responses not directly promoting your store but giving them suggestions about the products you offer. 
Engage To Your Customers to Communicate
Do not underestimate the power of social media in terms of promoting products online.  There are billions of Facebook users around the world who spends a huge amount of time browsing using this site.  Here, the most powerful channel is Facebook Group: Dropshipping Tools - eBay, Amazon, Shopify.  

A Facebook group is being used as a way to connect with your customers, or possibly potential customers, and clients getting relevant information about drop shipping.  You can post, share and promote your products for free, too. You can share blogs and other related articles to your Facebook Group Page that talks about drop shipping, or suggestions that may be relevant to the products you are selling at your store.  From there, you can let your audience decide which products are helpful to them.

Facebook is also one way to check if your store is legitimate by checking on the recommendations and reviews.  Just ensure that you post quality content, and build a strong relationship by being responsive to your customers and improve your reliability as a business owner.  Plus, what a good way to share your products for free, right. You get it right! Setting up a Facebook Group for your drop shipping does not cost you anything.

Be Discoverable in the Community of Dropshipping Using Pinterest 
I have mentioned this earlier that using Pinterest is one of the effective ways to engage with potential customers of dropshipping.  I am writing a separate post because I would like to highlight how Pinterest is a reliable source for most customers who are interested in getting relevant information about anything.  This helps customers decide what to purchase, which services to take and get general information.  

Pinterest is a reliable social media platforms that allow a user to share pictures, blogs, and link your account to social media, websites, and engage in online communities.  You will have the opportunity to get followers driving more traffic to your dropshipping store. You can post and share your products, and even share an interest in the product you sell online.  There are millions of active users in Pinterest which allows them to view contents even using their mobile phones. In addition, the majority of the users are millennials which also plays a big chunk of the audience in dropshipping.
Share Your Creative Side Using Instagram
Just like the above-mentioned social media platforms and communities, Instagram is found to be an effective platform to share the products in your dropshipping store.  There are customers who are inclined with good pictures and Instagram is the best platform to use for this. You can start by posting your products, how it is effective and where to use them.  Or, you can also share good contents that relate to dropshipping.  

To gain more followers, timing is very important.  It is suggested that you post relevant content about dropshipping every once in a while.  Let’s say for instance, on Day 1- You can post a relevant post about dropshipping. Day 3 - Post pictures of relevant topics something that talks about uses of one of the products you sell at your online store.  Day 5 - Share good pictures of your products. 
Another thing is, you have to ensure that you consistently post in your Instagram accounts because there are a lot of active users that following products or services.  One effective strategy to use on Instagram is to use hashtags. This will ensure that potential customers are driven to your Instagram page which will also direct you to your dropshipping website. 

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