Monday, July 15, 2019

Avoiding Dropshipping Problems

When you start your dropshipping business, you will expect to have advantages and disadvantages along the way.  This is certainly part of the game. You will continue to encounter these challenges in the business. What you can do is try to minimize the dropshipping problems, at least. So that’s what we will talk about today.

How do we avoid dropshipping problems, per se? As told, we cannot fully avoid dropshipping problems.  But you can minimize these problems. Being prepared with the problems in dropshipping, you will definitely get past the challenges and learn how to handle them appropriately, should you encounter them.  Let us discuss the major dropshipping problems you need to avoid.

Most Common Dropshipping Problems
We have run down a list of the most common drop shipping problems you might encounter.  These are general issues you will regularly encounter as you go along with the business.  There are some things you cannot control but at least, learn how to manage them so that in the future you are prepared to handle these things.  

They always say, “Do not come to a battle unprepared.”  And that’s exactly what we are going to do, and learn in this post.  Know how about common dropshipping problems and how to deal with it. 

Wrong Product Delivered
Expect to get a high number of orders to be dealt with every day.  The more products you post on your online dropshipping store, the more chances you get more orders.  Also, there would be variations per product posted. Precision is a huge thing with dropshipping. You cannot expect to keep customers from coming back if you continue to have problems processing orders.  

You might have processed the order for the customer.  Unfortunately, the customer sends a message saying that they received the wrong product.  It could be the wrong color, size or entirely a different item. This tells us that something went wrong anywhere.  We have to act on it. We deal with it by contacting our supplier and ask them to see what went wrong.  

We may need to resend the correct item to the customer.  We may either ask the customer to send the wrong product back to us, or we decide if we will only send the right product to the customer without having them send us the wrong one.  The problem is, if we are to ask our customer to return the wrong product, we need to shoulder the return shipping fee.  

This is unfortunate, because most likely the shipping fee may cost a lot.  So, most often than not, we only ask for proof from the customer and replace the product or process a refund whichever the customer prefers. 
Long Wait Time for Delivery
Most of the products we are selling in dropshipping come from China.  This explains why it takes time to get the products delivered fast. Another common problem we encounter in dropshipping, too.  Customers complain that the products take a while to arrive and they are unable to check the status of delivery. 

This is something that we may not be able to control.  How we can turn things around on this scenario is to set proper expectations to our customers regarding delivery times.  See, if the onset the customer is aware that it will take time to get the product, they will not expect the items to come sooner.  

Also, good communication can also help ease with the delayed delivery times.  We can always make a follow up if we are getting behind the expected shipping times.  That way we can avoid the complaints from our customers saying that they have not received the items and has past the expected shipping time. 

Damaged Items Delivered
The products we sell to our customers are coming from various places.  Also, another team is arranging the packaging and takes care of the delivery on your behalf.  This regard, it is a challenge because the risk of having damaged items is quite common.  

Plus, most of the time the items are shipped over on the side of the world.  Handling the products may be the reason why there are damaged items out for shipping.  What we can do to ensure that we coordinate with the supplier and pack the products well and do a quality check first before packing the items.  

In the event, the customer emails us about the broken products. Then we can follow the procedure for replacement or refund.  Ask for proof that the item was damaged and then we can decide if we should ask the customer to return the product. We also need to know if they want a refund or replacement. 
Incomplete Orders Fulfilled
Just like with the other problems that we encounter in dropshipping, one of the common problems would be customers receiving incomplete orders.  For every product we post online, it is a requirement to include the description, the variant, the size, and also the number of pieces per package.  

Because of this, there are times that during the packaging, there may be times when the products were delivered with missing items or was incomplete.  When the customer receives the item, they will send us a message saying they didn’t get what was listed on the description. To manage this, you have to follow the same process we have on resolving damaged or incorrect products received.  

Ineffective Customer Support
We have been talking about problems we may encounter about the orders, suppliers or shipping.  Yes, we are concerned about these things for sure. But just think of it this way. How do you think will the customer get to us and ask about the issue they have if not for customer support.  Having this team will at least minimize the damage because the customer will feel that they are valued.  

Customers are human beings.  They would understand that there may be times they will encounter problems with the orders.  They may be upset but at least if handled properly, they will know someone is going to help and try to resolve the problems.  This is very important and may also turn a frustrated customer and make them a happy one.

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