Monday, July 29, 2019

How Can I Determine If I Am Dealing With A Quality Dropshipping Wholesaler?

A supplier plays a very important role in dropshipping.  They are responsible for fulfilling and packing the orders and then ship them to your customers.  In this regard, having a quality drop ship wholesaler who will turn into your supplier is necessary.  Let us discuss how to determine if you are dealing with a quality dropshipping wholesaler.

To get a legitimate supplier and make us save money let us know how we can determine if we are dealing with a quality dropshipping wholesaler.  To find a quality wholesaler for your dropshipping, these are the things we can watch out to determine if you are dealing with a quality dropshipping wholesaler.  
  1. Experience in wholesale dropshipping
  2. Fast shipping and smooth transactions
  3. Top-up fees 
  4. Selling quality products
  5. Takes advantage of Technology
Finding a quality dropshipping wholesaler can be a challenge as there is a lot of fake and unreliable wholesaler that promises better deals to its customers.  Let us get details about the list we have come up to understand why this is how we can determine if we are dealing with a quality wholesaler. 

Experience In A Wholesale Dropshipping
We will be dealing with the supplier all the time.  They will help you in making your dropshipping store a success.  When working with suppliers, we want to make sure that they can give you answers to your queries and help you.  If not, at least they know who to reach out to and get to you with the information you need.  

A supplier who is experienced in dropshipping knows how to efficiently work with the order fulfillment,  handling, and shipping of the products well. This will totally help us be able to get more customers to buy products from us because our supplier knows exactly how to deal with the products while maintaining a good relationship with us

Top-Up Fees 
A quality dropshipper will not take advantage of the demand for dropshipping.  They know that there is so much competition in this field. And believe it or not, there are suppliers for dropshipping who take advantage of the demand.  They will place a high product margin to cover the handling, and branding of the products. 

Once you have established that relationship with the supplier, they will give you a reasonable product margin to take care of the products you use for dropshipping.  You can certainly look for suppliers who can give you a good deal while keeping the quality service.
Fast Shipping of Products 
Well, efficiency is necessary for a dropshipping business.  The rate of shipping the products, handling them may take time to accomplish.  You have to understand that there are a lot of customers a supplier is dealing with which makes them preoccupied affecting this part of the dropshipping cycle. 

If your supplier is able to accomplish the handling, and shipping of products within 48 to 36 hours, your supplier is a keeper.  It will help you gain a competitive advantage among other dropshippers. The more orders they fulfill at a shorter time, the more happy customers we gain and get as many customers in return.

One way to test the efficiency of your supplier is to try to make a purchase from them and see how much time they spend in getting the products delivered, and get to the customers.  By then, you can make a decision whether or not you will partner with them.

Quality products
Things will always go right if we are selling good products to our customers.  We want to ensure that our suppliers are giving our customers the least product defect.  This helps us lessen the returns, refund and replacement requests.  

Our goal is to minimize the complaints from the customer especially if it concerns the quality of the products.  At least by giving our customers products that they will be happy about, they would more likely give recommendations, and ratings. 

Takes advantage of technology 
We talked about efficiency earlier.  Efficiency in completing the order in terms of handling and shipping products to our customers.  One of the resources we can use for us to achieve efficiency is to take advantage of the technology.  With this, we are talking about suppliers being able to provide answers to the most common questions.

As an example, a quality dropshipping wholesaler sets up a detailed website with product descriptions.  A website that can track inventory, and be able to do order modifications. This helps reduce the time spent for placing orders, make payments, cancel or replace them in minutes. 

How to Look For Quality Wholesaler
Finding a quality wholesaler may be difficult.  We can use a search engine to look for quality wholesalers to support our dropshipping business.  Right now, I have listed a few tips to use to look for a quality wholesaler. 

Using a Supplier Directory 
Remember we always say to look for a quality and reliable supplier for your dropshipping.  This is true, and one way to look for suppliers is to use a supplier directory. There are many platforms available to use to source for a supplier.  You might have heard of them or seen posts promoting these platforms.  

To give an example, Shopify, SaleHoo, Alibaba, and BigCommerce are among the list of many platforms used to source a legitimate and quality suppliers.  It lowers the risk and helps you filter your research option for the products you want to sell on your store. 
Attend Trade Shows 
Another way to source for a quality dropshipping wholesaler is to attend trade shows.  This is a strategy by business owners and executives to gain connections and collaborate and acquire learnings and skills from other businessmen who are also successful in their field.  

By attending trade shows, you can directly meet new customers, and build a new relationship with suppliers while maintaining a stronger connection and ties with existing partners.  You will be able to get good deals offered by these potential suppliers.

Getting a quality dropshipping wholesaler will help you gain more profit in the business.  It will help you save more and gain more. Remember that a good relationship with your supplier will bridge the customer's satisfaction to your store which is the primary goal of our business. 

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