Thursday, July 18, 2019

How Do I Make Sure Customers Don’t Order Out Of Stock Items?

You will be dealing with offshore suppliers in dropshipping.  If you recall, we also talked about dealing with out of stock items on a different blog post: Dropshipping - How To Deal With Out of Stock Items?  So today, we want to learn how to make sure our customers do not order out of stock items.

How to make sure customers do not order out of stock items?  Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure customers do not order out of stock products.  This is very important to avoid dealing with customers ordering products that are not available.
  • Make your own tracker of inventory.
  • Do product automation.
  • Do not post the items that are out of stock.
  • Keep open communication with the supplier.
Let us talk about the list one by one and explain how this can be done.  This will give us a bigger picture of the things we can do before we can even think about handling issues related to customers ordering out of stock items. 

Why Is It Important to Keep Track of Inventory?
One of the most common reasons for customer dissatisfaction is ordering out of stock items.  What do you think will be the outcome if a single customer will order a product and later on knowing that the products they wanted to order are out of stock?  

Since we cater to customers online, there is a possibility that this does not only happen to a single customer, isn’t it?  A single dissatisfied customer can influence up to 4 people not to buy from your store. How worse can it get if we get more and more customers to do the same?

A single order of out of stock item can result in delayed shipping, and that will make the customer very unhappy.  We do not want to look unprofessional and not be able to take care of these matters. We want to maintain having good customer ratings, and increase customer satisfaction.  Aside from earning money, this is also another thing we want to work on. More customers mean more money for us.  

Make Your Own Tracker of Inventory
Getting into drop shipping business makes you deal with different suppliers.  And when we mean different suppliers, we are also talking about suppliers from different places.  A big percentage of the suppliers we are dealing with are from different locations in China.  

It may be a challenge to track inventory because of this and sometimes it is the reason why we lose track of the stocks.  However, this should not be a reason for us to stop making our own tracker so that we can personally tell if we may be at risk of low stocks, more so out of stock items. 

What do I suggest that you do?  Put down a list of products ordered from you, list them per category and if possible the name of the supplier.  With this, you can keep track of the products we are selling and can make a forecast of what could be left on the stocks.  We should always keep a buffer. That way we can ensure we do not go out of stocks and continue selling to our customers.

Also, we want to track products that are not really selling good profits.  This is a way for you to see the sales trend. This data can help you increase the frequency of marketing strategy for the products that are highly profitable and lessen those which does not get as many sales.  We want to be wise in using our resources and focus on something that will make us gain something, right?
Do A Product Automation
Being in the business for some time will expose you to many experiences.  Life in a day of a drop shipper will give you something to learn from, day in and day out.  One of the things you will learn is how to manage your time and become efficient. This would include using tools that will help you multitask.  Time is very important in business especially in dropshipping. 

Product automation in dropshipping helps you fulfill the order, monitor them, use inventory tracking systems, and other features that will improve your business as a drop shipper.  Learning to do drop shipping will make you be more flexible and smart when working.  

Doing product automation will help you get a view of your stocks easier while generating money and also focusing on a good marketing strategy to increase the number of sales and traffic to your store.

Do Not Post The Items That Are Out of Stock
Now that you already have an idea on how to track your inventory, you already have the means of not posting the items that are out of stock to your store.  What’s the point in tracking your inventory and doing product automation if you will still post the products online.

We want to be two steps ahead of the customers.  This is a reflection of you managing the business.  One of the advantages of drop shipping is that there have been tools developed to help you towards a successful drop shipping business.  You should know by now how much competition you have with dropshipping. For one, you can use Multi-Drop as a resourceful tool that can help you manage your own dropshipping business. 

Keep An Open Communication With The Supplier
The suppliers play a very important role in a dropshipping business.  Your business cannot function properly if not for our reliable suppliers.  Although we have ways to track inventory and ensure we do not sell out of stock items, having open communication will still help you in ensuring you minimize the problems with the orders.

This can be a contingency plan just in case you failed to do a manual tracking or product automation to your products.  You can inquire about product availability by contacting your suppliers. This is why we always want to have a good relationship with our supplier.  It makes working a lot easier. 

There are a number of ways and strategies you can use to ensure that your customers are always happy.  At the end of the day, it is their satisfaction that we want to ensure to be in a long-lasting dropshipping business.

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