Friday, July 12, 2019

How Do I Research A Dropshipping Product?

The competition in the dropshipping business is growing even more.  Many aspiring businessmen, even those who are not are starting their own store.  Researching a dropshipping product is the foundation of this business. Getting the right products on your store will bring success to your business. 

How do I research a dropshipping product?  Most of the time, we use Aliexpress to view products on dropshipping.  To research a dropshipping product, we need to check on products that are selling at a high rate.  We have to check the items with good feedback to ensure we find legitimate products. This way, we get a picture of the items that are getting more sales.

How To Research a Dropshipping Product
There are so many strategies available to advertise dropshipping products.  One of the advantages of a drop shipping business is using the internet to expand the market.  You see, people, in general, will go by the latest trends. Internet as it is can be used to our advantage because it makes information readily available. 

We have to understand which sources we need to use in order for us to research the products that will make a good sale on your dropshipping business.  We want to focus on three resources that are commonly used to accomplish product research. These three resources are Aliexpress, Facebook Ads, and Dropshipping website.
Aliexpress as a Dropshipping Resource
Aliexpress is the most commonly used platform in dropshipping.  Here you are able to browse through thousands of products that are being used in dropshipping.  The main advantage of using Aliexpress is the price. Products that are posted here are relatively cheap.  Also, it provides you details on how the products are shipped to the customer.  

You also get details on how much would be the shipping cost which is an important detail we cannot miss especially for us to determine the price margin of each product.  Delivery times are posted and where the products are coming from. You would have an idea as to what expectations you can give your customers.

For product research in drop shipping, we mainly use Aliexpress to determine which products would sell in your store.  Here you can filter the product reviews, and see how much orders are made in a day. You have a view of the products that are still on top trend.  

Another good thing about Aliexpress is that you have a view of various niche that you can use for your store.  In addition, most of the suppliers in Aliexpress are exposed with dropshipping hence they know how to do the right packaging for your items. 
Facebook Ads to Understand the Trends of the Business
Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days?  The influence of social media is highly effective because of several reasons.  First, people in this generation spend an average of five hours using their smartphones and browsing through social media sites.  On top of the list would be a Facebook account.  

Because of the demands and effect of Facebook in the daily lives of people, using Facebook is found to be an effective marketing strategy by business owners.  In dropshipping, because of the fact that we do not necessarily spend much on inventory, the money we gain as profit is used strategically for marketing schemes.  And to reduce spending, we take advantage of Facebook and manage ads using it. 

Right now, it is automatic to a business website to link their accounts in a Facebook Page.  Having a Facebook page reaches out to more customers in the market. So in drop shipping, if you find a product that sells well, you have to check on the Ads section and view other products that are selling very well. 

A Dropshipping Website That is Strategically Designed for Customers
Because you are in the business of dropshipping, you might have an idea of which products are on trend at present.  Well, initially you will search for the specific product online. Being a drop shipper, you want to check on other drop shipper's website and see what other products are selling at a good rate.  

You will then verify the products and how the dropshipping owner is doing by checking the Facebook page.  You’d have a picture as well as to how many potential customers they have by looking at the number of likes and views they get on their posts.  You want to go back to Aliexpress and check the number of items are sold, as well as see the statistics of people buying the products recently.
Your Competition Is Also Your Best Friend
The competition will always be there.  This makes a challenge for most business owners but we are also aware that this is just normal.  You can never eliminate having competitors around. In fact, these competitions can also work to your advantage if you play it right.  First of all, you have to understand that your competitors would also mean getting the most profit possible.  

Imagine how they want to make the business work.  Surely, they will make their own research. This is an advantage you can take advantage of because you can use their research and focus more on other marketing strategies.  I can say, it is only smart to look into your competition and be ahead of the league.

Do not be afraid if you see that there is wide competition in drop shipping because this only means that the products are in demand. This will ensure that people will be attracted to the items we sell in our store.  Remember that any type of publicity is still publicity and will always attract customers.  

There are several ways you can check out on the competition and be aware of other strategies that you can use for your dropshipping business.  Again, if you play it right, things can go to your advantage. This is possible by starting to do thorough research about going about the ups and downs of dropshipping.

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