Monday, August 12, 2019

Do Drop Shippers Provide Customer Service And/Or Talk with The Customers?

Customer service is part of any business.  Over the years of providing different kinds and levels of services to people, customer satisfaction has increased its level of expectations. It has become a benchmark of how services are rendered in any type of business.  Dropshipping, with its rapid growth, also has its own customer service standards catering to their customers. 

Do dropshippers provide customer service and talk with the customers?  Yes, they do.  As a dropshipper, it is our responsibility to assist our customers while maintaining good relationships with the supplier.  It is important to ensure that we keep our customers happy. This will lead us to gain more customers in the future. Customer service sets your business apart from the rest.

Why is customer service important in dropshipping?
Drop shipping has proven to be an easy way into the world of entrepreneurship.  A lot of people have been trying to establish their own because for one, the costs are low compared to other business.  Second, it requires no inventory of products. And the third is the flexibility it can provide you. 

For these reasons, you would have an idea of why people are becoming more attracted to getting their own drop shipping business.  Hence the competition. When browsing for products online, there are a lot of results that would appear, giving you promising advertising, and low price.  

Some would promise a faster turnaround process, but others would highly promote having customer support to assist you through the entire process.  This is something that a dropshipper would put investment and focus. Why? Because this is something that a business owner can have control over. 

In addition, any business means providing service to its customers.  No matter what type of business you want to establish, you will never go wrong with having a stable system that supports customer to do the job in making your business foundation stronger.  Having said why customer service is important, how can we, dropshippers, provide a quality customer service?

Tips How To Provide a Quality Customer Service 
How can we say that customer support is actually providing a “quality service”? Determining the quality of service given to customers may be subjective.  This can be influenced by a number of factors.  

As we know, there are different types of customers.  So, the best approach would be to streamline the process of handling customer queries.  By doing so, we can eliminate having to provide a service that can also be subjective to our customers.

Listen and Understand What the Customer Wants and Needs
The first step to providing a quality customer service is to listen and understand what your customer wants and needs.  As a dropshipper, there are rules and regulations we follow and the customers understand that.  

When a customer states the issue, most of the time we make assumptive resolutions which do not fully resolve the concern.  This is what most customer support representatives miss out. We explain the process to the customer right away without asking relevant questions to fully address what the customer wants. 
Make Timely Responses
To provide quality service to your customers, ask effective probing questions.  This eliminates the time spent to resolve the query, which also affects their satisfaction rates.  Customers are writing emails to us to ask questions. These may be questions on delivery, asking about the products.  

We need to treat each query with urgency.  This is one of the requirements for providing quality customer service.  We do not want our customers to wait for the delivery, at the same time wait for the response from us.  This makes our company look unprofessional. As much as possible, we want to reply to our customers within 24-48 hours.  

Stick with the Timeline
Delayed orders and responses to customers may trigger a customer complaint.  Initially, customers may just have an inquiry regarding the status. What makes a regular inquiry become a complaint is how we respond to the customers.  

Customers are more likely to become upset if we do not provide timely resolution to an inquiry.  Let us keep in mind that time is a valuable resource, especially in a business like dropshipping.  Every day that the item is not delivered to the customer may affect their satisfaction rate. 

Give Right Expectations
Below are some examples that may trigger unhappy customers.
  1. Customer support does not provide timely responses to customers. 
  2. When delivery is expected to arrive in 5 days, yet it took a week or so for the customer to receive the item. 
  3. Inappropriate responses were given to customers. 
Given these examples,  we need to be ahead of our customers.  Sure they may be upset if these timelines and expectations are not met.  But, it will make the customers more unhappy if they were not told about these specifics ahead of time.  
Do a Follow up 
After resolving the concerns of a customer, be sure that we reach out to them.  Ask them if we were able to address all concerns and that we are proactive in sending our help as a dropshipper all the time.  This will make our customers feel valued and special. By doing so, we can extend our services and exceed what is expected of us. 

After all, customer service does not only happen when customers reach out to us for help.  We, as a business owner wanting to keep a strong relationship with customers and suppliers, can also do something extra for our customers by simply checking out on them.

Remember on our previous post about Why Most Dropshippers Fail, it was mentioned that one of the reasons why a dropshipper might fail is because customer service was handled poorly.  There are times when dropshippers overlook this not knowing how much it could impact your success. 

Being able to provide the appropriate service the customer deserves will ensure a stronger business foundation for your dropshipping.  By using the tips mentioned, we can be a step or two ahead of becoming a successful dropshipper.

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