Friday, September 6, 2019

What Tips Can You Share With People Who Want To Succeed In Dropshipping

With plenty of people who want to want to do business and start dropshipping, likely, most will not make it. Hence, it is no doubt that we all want to hear tips about how to become successful in dropshipping.  In this post we want to share some of the tips we can do to become a pro in dropshipping. 

What tips can you share with people who want to be successful in dropshipping? There is no formula in becoming successful in dropshipping. The courses are designed to guide you in dropshipping. The only tip I can share with you is to learn from every experience you gain every day as you do dropship. You will encounter different issues every day and you have to be ready for it.
To give you more inputs about becoming successful in the craft of dropshipping, let me share more to the things you need to focus on to work on the ladder of success in dropshipping. There are key elements that need attention to achieve the win for the business. And for dropshipping, these are the elements we are looking for. 

Allotted Time for Shipping
You might see posts about shipping times in dropshipping and it is a fact that it takes more time to complete the order fulfillment, moreover the delivery time to send items to the customers.  There are also statements on blogs, forums and groups saying that it is okay that delivery times in dropshipping longer. This is not true.

Even if most people say it is okay for delivery times to take longer in dropshipping, the customers will always want to get their products faster.  Customers do not know about the standard delivery times in dropshipping which takes roughly 15 days at least. When customers buy clothes, accessories, or any product online they want it to be delivered fast.
This is one of the major complaints we get from customers who buy products from a dropshipping store.  Delivery time takes extremely slow. This is a fact. Primarily because the products are handled and shipped from overseas, most likely coming from China suppliers.  

Although there are suppliers from the US, the majority of suppliers originate from China and that affects the overall delivery time and handling of the products.  Hence the reason why dropshippers would also look for suppliers who have a warehouse in the US, because shipping time is faster. 

Getting Repeat Customers
One of the goals of a seller to get repeat customers. This strengthens the relationship between the seller and the customer. At the same time, having repeat customers increases the chances of promoting your store to other customers, too. In essence, how do we get repeat customers to stay in business and continue to patronize our products?

First on the list would be quality products.  When they buy products from an online seller or a dropshipper, the customer would expect to see the products to arrive in good condition.  This means good packaging and legitimate products being sent to the customers.  

We want to ensure that the products are delivered to the customers meeting their expectations about the products as stated in the description.  

Second is customer support.  Customers would like to inquire more about the product when they want to purchase something online.  This is guaranteed as most of them would need to get specifications about the product they want to buy from your store.  Things that are not listed on the product description, actually even when already listed on the fine print. 

Customers would like to get their money’s worth and would keep asking about the product, like the size, how it works, what battery support is needed, the approximate delivery time, status of delivery.  These are the common questions asked by customers to the seller. Which makes it important to handle customers properly. 

How the customer feels when asking these questions matter to them.  Regardless of the price they are paying, they want to ensure they are treated well.  This is where the seller’s ratings are being measured. The customer’s opinion would always matter to other customers, so beware. 

And third and always a matter to consider would be the delivery time.  Remember we mentioned earlier that while some customers or dropshipper say it is okay for delivery times to take longer, it is very important to most customers to get the products quicker.  I could not elaborate on this more as this was already mentioned above. 
Huge Expenses on Advertising
While most of you agree that expenses on advertising and marketing strategies eat up a big chunk of profit in dropshipping, we should still be clever in planning how to do our advertising strategies in dropshipping. Why so? 

Some of the dropship owners would invest in marketing and advertising which does not make the expected return in the business because it does not target the right audience. You indeed need to spend money on advertising but it does not mean we have to waste money on lousy marketing ads.

Sadly, some of the beginners would fail on this element to success because they did not get it right. On our post about How To Get Free Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store, this talks about other ways to reduce spending on marketing. This is helpful to startup dropshipping businesses who do not have enough knowledge of the products, and audience for their business.  

Becoming successful in dropshipping means hard work and perseverance, especially for starters. This could not be achieved overnight. Sometimes it would take months before you get the right “formula” for the business to operate smoothly.  

One of the reasons stated in our previous post about Why Most Dropshippers Fail is becoming too emotional. This could mean too early to start, and too early to quit dropshipping. To become successful in dropshipping, your learning experiences would make the mark and is a great help. Also, getting reliable suppliers is a huge help to succeed.  

This is how Multi-Drop can help you with your dropshipping needs. From product marketing, research and even customer support. We are always here to help. We are working with experienced dropshippers who just like you, was challenged with making dropshipping successful.  

Visit our website today at Multi-Drop, or send us an email at to start making your dropshipping success come to life. 

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