Monday, September 9, 2019

Where Do People Sell Dropshipped Products

Affairs made online is everywhere. One of these activities is retail shopping. There are several means to buy products. And one of them is through dropshipping. Dropshipping remains to grow because of the tactics used to encourage sellers, in turn drawing more buyers, and also those who desire to start their own. 

Where do people sell dropshipped products? Dropshipped products can be marketed anywhere. Because of the versatility to negotiate, traffic is not limited to a specific location. The products sold from a dropshipping store are sourced from wholesalers abroad, most of the time in China. Hence, does not influence the location in terms of sales in dropshipping. 

Big Four in Dropshipping
Granting the flexible freighting locations and the broad range of customers we can get to dropshipping, we want to study where to target our marketing efforts. We understand the significance of marketing in dropshipping. Working smart is equally necessary so that we can maximize resources such as time and capital. 

During your research, you might have encountered the “big four” in dropshipping. This is suggested by fellow dropshippers who give their opinion on how to improve sales for your store. What is the “Big Four” in dropshipping?

The Big Four represents the top 4 countries where dropshipping is the best fit because of the market, sales, and quality. The following countries are part of the big four: United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU). 

The Best Countries to Dropship
When asking for pointers and suggestions, you will always see a guide to sell your products in these countries. One of the most common questions being asked is for suppliers that can produce quick delivery on these countries because they have the biggest market of dropshippers.  

Based on experiences, customers located in these countries make more purchases compared to other countries. As a dropshipping store, you aspire to target a market where you can get more customers. Also, the population of these countries is high, which then gives more chances of earning more. 

Besides, these countries are highly developed and provide good locations where delivery is convenient.  It will not be difficult for dropshippers to distribute products to customers in these countries. More warehouse is settled now in the US to extend the scope of delivery while sustaining efficiency.

Another reason to dropship in these countries is the ability to connect to more customers because of technology.  As a dropshipper, we can increase our influence using marketing plans linked to social media and other means of technological advancement.  The language that they speak is English.  

Moreover, these countries value time due to an active schedule.  They prefer making transactions online to maximize their time. These people acknowledge convenience too much which is a primary advantage of dropshipping.  Prices are also more economical compared to large retail organizations. 
List of Countries Where Dropshipping May Not Be Suitable
On the other hand, there are places where dropshipping may not be appropriate due to several reasons.   Although the network is universal in dropshipping, you might want to lessen the efforts on these locations so that you can concentrate further on the primary areas which you can gain more customers.

The list we are to present is based on collective data gathered from various sources such as forums, discussions, and groups that support dropshipping.  The countries where dropshipping may not be suitable, (not in a specific order) are the following: India, China, and Indonesia. Let us talk about it more and examine why we listed them as “inappropriate” countries for dropshipping. 

Earlier we spoke about geographical factor and population as one of the grounds why we consider countries to target in dropshipping.  While India is one of the countries with high rates in populations, it is not fit to do a dropshipping business because the traffic we produce from the location does not generate enough sales.  It is determined that we get more “clicks” or site visits from India, yet the sales are relatively low.  

Indians like window-shopping products on sale through the internet but generally, do not proceed with the order.   Strategically, if we concentrate on targeting this country, we will be more inclined to create high traffic. But it will not be profitable for us because the sales are weak. 

Another country to be wary of exceptionally when starting up would be Indonesia.  There is a high rate of fraud. For starters, even for established dropshipping business owners, it is not likely to negotiate because of high risks of fraudulent activities.  

You may be earning enough by targeting this country but in return, if identified to be fraudulent, you will lose a customer due to bad ratings.  Regardless if we sell genuine products, due to a bad reputation, we might also be tagged along. As a business, we do not want to be involved because all our efforts will be put on waste. 
Most of the suppliers of dropshipping are based in China.  They produce low-cost products which are reasonably better as we can increase the margin and make more profits.  This is a fact and is the main idea why most products that are acquired from a dropshipping company needs longer to accomplish items and deliver to customers. 

Contrary to this statement, as much as possible, we want to source our goods from other countries.  Not because of quality or the interval to deliver the products to our customers. We want to avoid China because of competition.  

Chinese customers recognize active sources of the products. You might be able to sell these products.  But surely, they can get it at a lower price because of competition. Obviously, they would consider making the purchase from them rather than get it from a dropshipping store.  It is just practical. 

Given the discussion, we want to operate smart and be decisive in making our store strong.  I understand that there are several factors to do this. One of the benefits of dropshipping is being able to get assistance and knowledge utilizing the internet.  It will help us be cautious.  

To be successful in this profession, it would help to partner with someone who has extensive experience and expertise in dropshipping.  Just like Multi-Drop. Our goal is to help dropshippers succeed. Your success in the business is ours, too.  

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