Friday, October 11, 2019

People buy stuff left and right during the holidays. This is the time of the year when dropshippers get all excited. People get extra money. This is when potential customers receive incentives, bonuses, double sales. To fully take advantage of the season, let us know what goods to sell during the holidays.

What products are good to sell during the holiday season as a dropshipper? 

  1. Cellphone accessories - Examples are Cases & Covers, Screen Protectors, Power banks, Bluetooth headsets, Headsets, Data Cables, Mobile Chargers
  2. Children’s Toys
  3. Women’s Accessories - Examples are pieces of jewellery ( rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings), Hair Accessories ( hair clips, headbands)
  4. Clothes ( for all ages)
  5. Holiday decorations

Cellphone Accessories
Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the most famous shopping holidays that happen in the fourth quarter of the year. People buy gadgets because they are on huge discounts. What product goes well with gadgets but the accessories, right? 

For dropshipping, we may not be able to sell gadgets. But we can sell accessories that go with these products. Not only that the items are affordable, but we can also sell variants that people might show interest in. It will be easier to ship these products anywhere because they do not expire as well as lightweight. 

Some examples of the cellphone accessories that are good to sell in dropshipping are phone cases, Bluetooth capable speakers and headsets, data cables, mobile chargers, power banks, cellphone glass, and plastic protectors and many others. 
Children’s Toys
Next on the list are children’s toys. Some charity gatherings and events happen during the fourth quarter, too. This is to support shelters, hospitals, and other care facilities. People who are in these facilities lack the opportunity to experience a normal childhood like other children. 

Also, the holiday season is more exciting for children. Every year, children look forward to getting pretty gifts from their parents, and relatives. Children love unwrapping gifts, and it makes them happy if they see toys. This also applies to adults that are young at heart.

As a dropshipper, it is a big advantage because companies will be interested in buying items in bulk. They want to be able to get the most discount possible. And we are looking to get more customers to buy quality toys from us. This is going to be a good increase in sales for the store, isn’t it?

Women’s Accessories
Women always want to look at their best. I mean, this is a natural thing for women. Especially during the holidays. They always want to look and be at their best. Which is why women’s accessories never really go out of trend. There are just some improvements to the style. For men, they see it as all the same, but for women - it is all different.  
For dropshippers, women’s accessories are good products because it comes with several variations. There are accessories for special events, daily wear, and office attire, etc. Also, these products are cheap, lightweight, and easy to transport. Like the other products we listed, they do not expire, which is necessary given shipping times are longer with dropshipping. 

Some examples are jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings that come in silver or stainless. Hair Accessories such as hair clips, headbands that come in different colors, and sizes perfect for any occasion. 

Aside from toys, one of the best gift options would be clothes. Clothes, in general, is a need that makes buyers find as more important compared with toys. Some customers value needs vs wants when buying gifts for loved ones. And that makes clothes a better choice for them.

Clothing items may also be seasonal. In some countries, where there are four seasons, they consider buying new clothes to be on-trend with the latest fashion. This is the reason why you would see promotions and discounts on clothing most of the time. This is a strategic way of encouraging people to buy products.

As a dropshipper, knowing that clothes are seasonal products, it is just right to fully take advantage of this product because our products are cheaper compared. Plus we offer convenience to our customers. This is an improvement that was taken advantage of by big stores. Offering to sell their products online. 

Holiday Decors
Finally, on the list are the holiday decors. Houses are decorated. Establishments and offices, too. Everyone likes the feel of the holiday and the decorations help the mood. There are different themes created over time. Customers are creative in putting up Christmas Trees, setting the tables, and decorating the office space.

We included the holiday decors because it is cheaper when bought ahead of time. The suppliers for these items markup the prices because of the demand. For dropshippers, it is an advantage because we have direct links to suppliers eliminating costs. We just need to watch out for the supplies because we do not want to be out of stock.  

Some examples are decorative accents, Christmas lights, wreaths and flowers, outdoor decorations and many more. Like the rest, the products do not expire and are lightweight. It is very easy to transport.

This is the season for gift giving. People are accustomed to buying this stuff because of the holidays. Most of the products are bought and used as a gift to friends and loved ones. Also, this is the time when parties are everywhere. This list is based on the most selling products during the season. 

Although some may not agree, these products are generally worth selling during the holidays. With the right software and promotions for dropshipping, surely your dropshipping store will hit your goal in terms of sales. Happy Holiday Selling!

Friday, October 4, 2019

It’s almost the holiday seasons. This is the time of year when everyone gets busy. Many people plan for the celebrations. Save up and buy gifts in advance. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to boost sales and be creative on the promotions. Join me because this is going to be an interesting topic.

How to prepare your online dropshipping store for the upcoming holidays?  First, list down the holidays for the whole year on a calendar. Plan your timeline and choose a theme for the website. Set sales goals. Also, set your budget for the holidays. Time to be creative and write down promotional offers. Increase traffic by using the right strategies, software, and tools.  

The most exciting season for eCommerce is the fourth quarter of the year when there’s a long list of holidays. People are spending money on many things like salon, clothes, shoes, gadgets, and the list goes on. Parties are all packed during the holidays and there are a lot of gatherings happening during the season. 

With the list of things that go busy during the season, we must take advantage of this occasion and plan so that we won’t miss the events and the opportunity to double the sales. Let us talk in detail about what we need to do to plan for the upcoming holidays. 

Make a List of The Holidays, and Special Events In Your Calendar
Every year, we need to place a calendar showing the timeline of events and holidays so that we can make a plan on what promotions, themes, and strategies we can come up.  A business owner should always be two steps ahead.  

For example, some countries have four weather seasons. The winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Because this is a regular thing, people expect changes in climate, and temperature which also means, there is a change in clothing, footwear, etc. As a dropshipper, we need to start making plans on how we can layout promotions and themes for our store. 

This goes the same with special events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People are expecting to buy items on massive discounts. We want to take advantage and start selling ahead because customers are always interested in discounts. 

Choose a Theme for your Online Dropshipping Store
Most people are visual. We get excited about what we see and it affects how we make decisions especially when buying products. We want our stores to look inviting with the promotions, savings, and freebies if available. This will encourage more customers to buy from us. 

A theme should apply to the season we want to promote. This will avoid confusion to customers and focus on the event you are promoting instead. Prices generally go up sometimes depending on the need. When there is a demand, surely price tags will also be affected.  

I recommend using a countdown timer whenever there is an ongoing promotion. This will promote urgency to customers when buying from your store. Also, do not forget to include the number of stocks available. So that they can see the demands of the products and will make them decide right away to make the purchase.

You may also highlight products that are most in-demand on your landing page. This will invite them to buy items if they see that the item is on-demand. You have to be careful and make sure that the items you are selling are on stock. Out of stock items may impact your store positively, or negatively, watch out for it.
Set Your Goals
During the holiday season, your goal is to double your sales. Most suppliers increase their prices during the season. Regardless, customers are most likely to make the purchase no matter what. As a dropshipper, this is the perfect time to raise your goals and earn more.  

Also, we want to minimize spending. Our goal is to reduce overhead costs. We need to prioritize where we need more spending. Talk to your supplier to ask if there are ongoing discounts on promotions that will help you save more. More savings means bigger earnings. 

There might also be a way for suppliers to modify their packaging based on the holiday season. This will help customers have a feel of the season and attract them to buy more from your store.  Branding truly matters. 

Strategize the Promotions 
On to the meaty part of the post. Now that you already have a timeline of events, planned out promotions, set your goals and budget, it is time to think about strategies how this will all come together. After you’ve prepared ads and created the theme, it is time to expand your community.

For starters, we can send out emails before the season ends.  You can use this to highlight the upcoming event while showing appreciation for the previous season.  This will prepare your customers about the holidays and they will be excited about the new one.  

As a bonus tip. We are expecting a huge amount of orders coming from customers everywhere.   We also need to prepare for the returns that might arise. This has to be taken care of properly. We are also looking for delayed shipping because of the holiday rush. A good team of customer support will help you get through these challenges.  

All these preparations will be possible if you have invested in a tool that will ensure that you have the right amount of supplies to cover the products you are selling. You do not want to be out of stock during this season.  Also, we want to be equipped for these hurdles as it will negatively impact your dropshipping store.