Friday, October 18, 2019

Dropshipping Facts and Myths

It is human nature for people to dream of having a comfortable lifestyle. This is the reason why dropshipping draws more attention to a wide community, both gifted with the entrepreneur ability or not.  Along with the rave in dropshipping, comes with the myths and facts that we surely want to learn about. 

What are Dropshipping Myths and Facts
That’s right, you have heard about drop shipping with information widely accessible to anyone. The power of the internet is to spread news despite knowing if it is true or not. In this post, we will learn the myths about dropshipping, and reveal the facts about it. 

China Products is Never Good for the Dropshipping Business
Electronics, garments, footwear are just some of the items being produced in China. Most merchandise around us is made in China. This is no secret to anyone. Apart from China products being renowned in the manufacturing society, several people do not like buying products from China.  

There is a mindset about Chinese goods offering low quality and are not worth spending. While there are cases when the products do not seem to have been a top-quality item. For these reasons, sellers try to hide to their customers that their supplier is from China. Which is not right. 
First of all, you really cannot hide it from them that the products originated from China. When an order is placed, you do not want your customers to worry where their orders are. Ideally, you will provide them the tracking number. They will know the items are being shipped from China.  

Also, they will know it is from China given the length of time it takes to get the order. Even if you do white labeling your customers will know where it came from.  A way to handle queries about China-made products is to give assurance that these items are in-demand and many customers get the same product with no obstacles. 

Fast Money in Dropshipping
Money attracts many things in life. This is a game-changer in a wide perspective every time. We are already aware of this fact. A sad reality is, people who want to succeed are reckless and always look for faster ways to earn. This makes them think that dropshipping is a way to get easy money. 

This is not true. Earning money from dropshipping is more convenient compared with a traditional business. But, it takes more than posting items online to your store. The back-end job of dropshipping is more challenging. Here you have to deal with complaints, worry about the traffic to your store, orders errors and many more. 

Other challenges faced by dropshippers are retaining customers and keeping up with the tight competition. It is likely that due to the high demands of the products, more sellers will likely to sell the items and marketing needs to be more strategic. 
Dropshipping is Dead
Contrary to what others mentioned about the crowded community of dropshipping, dropshipping is not dead. Dropshipping is the future of retailing. A major retail clothing business has reported to close down hundreds of stores because they fail to keep up with the market. 

Young professionals are considered to be the primary market of the retail business. To which, these young professionals are Millenials and prefer to do their shopping online. In the upcoming years, the generation will be more adept to technology. Making dropshipping the future of retail business. 

The innovations in retails will continue to evolve and so is dropshipping. We can consider drop-shipping as a stepping stone to a more advanced retail business catering products to a wider range of community even to other countries.  

Dropshipping is Not a Real Business. 
Having a goal is important when you put up a business of your own. Dropshipping also included.  While others say that it is not a real business, it is. You will encounter customers day in and out and need to provide services for them. 

Most of the people who say that dropshipping is not a business to operate are wrong. In my opinion, these are the ones who fail in dropshipping because of several factors. Only 30 percent of the dropshippers succeed in the business which makes it even more challenging to those who keep on trying to achieve their goals. 

The truth is, some people use dropshipping as the main source of income. But it cannot be achieved right away. As we have mentioned, it takes a lot of hard work to be able to achieve positive results in dropshipping. 

Business is a risk.  But, you have to know that a risk can be calculated based on facts.  Also, right planning is an effective approach to succeed. Although we can say that there is always a fifty percent chance that you will fail.  What is good about having a business is the feeling of fulfilment every time you went past your personal goal.

The best way to pass through the challenges in dropshipping is to look for a partner in dropshipping who will make selling a lot easier. You are expected to encounter challenges every day. This is normal, but you have to understand that it is always the learning that will make you wiser as you go through the challenges in dropshipping. 

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