Sunday, December 29, 2019

How Does Chinese New Year Affect Dropshipping Sellers?

Known as the largest manufacturing city in the world, we shall be prepared for the Chinese New Year where the majority of the products that we sell to our customers originate in China. Today we want to discuss when the Chinese New Year will take place in 2020, and how to effectively manage our business in time for this holiday.

Question is, how does Chinese New Year affect dropshipping sellers? Most of the suppliers for dropshipping are based in China, the biggest city where factories are based. Given the longer delivery times in dropshipping from China, we are expecting to wait longer because of the holidays. A responsible dropshipper should plan ahead how to manage Chinese New Year. 

“Chinese New Year celebrations, also known as the Spring Festival in China start on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The festival lasts for about 23 days, ending on the 15th day of the first lunar month in the following year in the Chinese calendar.” (source: Chinese New Year in China)

With this said, here’s how we should use this timeline to manage the shipping times and be able to generate sales even during the event.  

In 2020, the Chinese New Year will fall on January 25th. The day before the CNY, which is the 24th of January is very important and Chinese people no longer work on this day. However, keep in mind, some Chinese end their work 10 days before the eve of the Chinese New Year and 15 days after.

Generally, shipping time for dropshipping products that originate from China ranges from 11-35 days depending on the delivery location. If so, the orders need to be placed before January 1st to maximize the time and customers will get the products as expected. 
As a dropshipper, it is your responsibility to plan ahead as to how we can effectively manage our sales and keep our customers happy.  With these considerations in mind, we shall keep in mind to find a partner that can deliver quality services, and products too. 

Considering the market of dropshipping, there are tools designed to increase your profitability and earn more money in return. For one, Multi-Drop is one of the reliable sourcing agents that promise to deliver all-in-on service to Shopify and eBay sellers to increase earnings by giving quality products, reliable shipping, and full software integration.

Multi-Drop uses private shipping lines to deliver products fast to customers. Also, they have partnered with suppliers that have a warehouse based in the US. This will reduce delays in deliveries. As part of the services offered by Multi-Drop, they also cater professional customer support team that handles inquiries timely to its clients, making sure that someone is taking care of them. 

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