Monday, December 2, 2019

How To Take Advantage of the Holiday Season To Increase Sales in Dropshipping

People always look for good deals when they buy stuff. About 60% of the customers consider good deals as a priority when deciding to buy products. This is true during the holidays. Many shops would gear up their stores ahead of time to check trends, and market their products to be competitive among others. 

As a dropshipper, how do we take advantage of the holiday season to increase our sales?  Planning is the key to prepare your store for the upcoming season.  Identify products that historically drive more sales during the season.  Promote your products in a way that is tailor-fit to beat the competition. Post products using creative formats. Lastly, invest in tools that can help you achieve your goals to success.

In our previous post about How to Prepare Your Online Dropshipping Store for the Upcoming Holidays, we discussed the tips to prepare your store for the season. We are expecting a high number of orders to come in during this period and it is necessary that we know how to handle them properly. Planning is always a good foundation for any business. 

Let us dig deeper as we go along this post about how we can fully take advantage of the holiday season to increase our sales as a drop shipper.  Surely, there are several tips to share but we want to focus today on promoting our products. As a dropshipper, we always go heavy towards marketing and promotions, aren’t we?

We mentioned a while ago that the promotions need to be tailor-fit to beat the competition.  How do we do so? There are several ways to do that. But today. we are going to focus on three effective ways to increase our sales using the following strategies to promote.  
Aim for a Bigger Audience When Promoting
The main purpose of promotion is to reach out to people to advertise your products and services. Say thanks to high technology, we are now able to reach more people using the internet. To gain connections, promote your products in forums or groups. Here you get to interact with a wider audience.  

You can share experiences about the products, show samples, and ask for an opinion. Forums are great media for promotion because you have a first-hand interaction with experts and beginners which is a strong combination if you are looking to promote. 

However, there are a few tokens when joining groups and forums. You have to assure that you follow these rules set by each group. Otherwise, you will risk yourself from being blocked or permanently banned. We do not want this because again, we are trying to widen our connections.  

Remember that these groups are available to people as a form of support and a tool to gather information about certain topics, products, or services. Here are some of the rules that are generally put in place to sustain the integrity and effectiveness of each group. 

Refrain from spamming
Spamming is an internet slang used to define unsolicited promotions to a large group of people. Usually, the context of the message is the same and repetitive. Most groups do not encourage spamming and worse, blocks people from posting content in the forum.  

Spamming may also result to the inauthenticity of the post. Although our purpose of joining is to advertise, let us all be considerate when it comes to posting. Overdoing your promotion may lead to failure as it appears robotic. The best way to promote is to share knowledge and provide an honest review of the service. 

Connect with people to build good relationships
Joining forums are effective ways to reach out to people who share the same interests with you. This is a great tool to ensure that you interact with experts, share experiences with beginners and continue to learn other tips to grow. 

Dropshipping is every day learning progress if you are driven to succeed. You do not become successful in just a day. This is why you would normally see people sharing their bad experiences of failing on dropshipping. Plus, experts say that it is more effective to promote products or services if there is trust. And this can only be achieved by creating a good relationship with people.

Do your research
Research is always included.  If you are looking into joining groups and forums, make sure that you are joining an active group that has daily posts.  Be sure to read the group rules first before joining so that you can avoid being banned. 

Social Media Is a Powerful Tool Nowadays
Social media is now considered a great marketing tool for any business. Most organizations connect to people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Updates about promotions, discounts, operating hours, system maintenance, and many more are being shared using these platforms.  

Why so? There are millions of active users around the world. People spend time using these social media platforms at least 3x times a day. Most information about daily routines, whereabouts and many more are being shared online using social media. This makes it easier for us dropshippers to engage and post advertisements as it targets the appropriate demographics for our products. 

Invest in improving Email Ads 
Using email advertisement is also found to be an effective way to promote products because these customers are most likely old customers who previously made transactions with us.  By providing their email address during their order, you now have access to send regular promotions and updates to them.

However, it is important to ensure that you write a good marketing campaign to encourage them to look at your offer and make that sale.  Using keywords such as “Holiday Sale up to 70% OFF” is a good campaign to make them want to visit your page.  

In our next post, we will talk about the other ways to take advantage of the holidays to increase sales. Make sure to watch us on our next post to get helpful tips from us. Happy Dropshipping!

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