Monday, December 16, 2019

Roadblocks to Getting Repeat Customers in Dropshipping

At this time, you already know how important marketing is in dropshipping.  What if, we can work our way to keep our customers to continue doing business with us. Repeat customers will make our business more stable.  To better strategize marketing efforts, let us know what are the roadblocks to getting repeat customers.

What are the roadblocks to getting repeat customers in dropshipping?

Repeat customers could be challenging for most dropshippers. Initially, it will take time to sourcing customers to buy from your store. This is the reason why marketing is a big thing in dropshipping. Once a customer buys from your store, this only means your store meets the expectations of the customers. 

It could be more challenging to get repeat customers for the reasons that, it takes customer trust and loyalty for them to keep doing business from you. There are hundreds of dropshipping stores selling the same product with possibly cheaper items. They could be doing better marketing strategies.  

There can be a long list to reason out why it is challenging to get repeat customers. What is important is to avoid these roadblocks to get repeat customers in dropshipping. 

Incompetent Customer Support
We cannot avoid having difficulties along the way. The most common problems faced by a dropshipper are delays in shipping, incomplete order and out of stock. Here we require the help of our beloved customer support team.  

The role of customer support is very crucial in dropshipping. When an order was placed and on the process, the majority of the concerns are being handled by customer support. They are responsible for answering customer queries and make sure they were handled professionally and efficiently.  

Good marketing, quality products, and fast shipping would not mean success if you do not have a competent team of customer support people who can handle your clients well. Sometimes, regardless of the type of product you sell, if customer support is not trained adequately, the business would still go to waste. 

Unreliable Dropshipping Suppliers
Next to product selection, suppliers contribute to a large share of work in dropshipping. As you are aware, the products are handled and shipped directly from the supplier and go straight to the customer. With this said, if you do not have a reliable supplier, the dropshipping business will also fail. 

Commonly, the challenges encountered with suppliers are: out of stock items, lack of communication, delayed handling of products. These common difficulties can be addressed if you have a reliable supplier. A good relationship with your supplier will make your dropshipping life easier. By then, you can focus on other things to make the business more profitable. 
Inconsistent Product Pricing
As a buyer, the biggest factor when making a purchase is the price of the product. In dropshipping, several sellers are selling the same product. They may have different marketing schemes and prices. 

Customers will always choose a better deal.  Better to check competitive pricing to ensure that you are selling the products according to the demands of the products while keeping up with the competition. 

Delayed Shipping of Products
When buying products from a dropshipping business, customers are aware that the products are shipped overseas. Major suppliers have their warehouses based in China. This makes shipping time relatively longer than usual. On average, products take 15-20 days to fulfill. This includes order processing, handling, and shipping. 

If we can exceed the expectations of the customers in terms of delivery time, the better. Asking about suppliers with a warehouse in the US is a common inquiry of dropshippers. As much as possible, dropshippers would like to cut the delivery times shorter. This will significantly improve the customer’s satisfaction.

Low-Quality Products
In the previous explanation, we know how much shipping time is needed to fully complete an order.  
This timeline is common in dropshipping. Which is why we take the quality of products seriously. As much as possible, we want to avoid returns. This takes the overall process longer, thus making the customers less happy. 

To keep customers to come back and do business with us, we always want to exceed their expectations. And quality products will make a huge role to make them stay.
When you are starting, your focus is to acquire customers. You will start getting 1-5 in sales per week. Then goes to becoming consistent where you get daily sales. As your business ages, keeping customers should be a priority to maintain the sales of your dropshipping store.  

When you have regular customers, this reflects that your store is already established and is capable of expansion. Most entrepreneurs consider it a success if they can manage both new customers and customer retention. All these can be handled properly and plays an integral part to make the business successful.  Teamwork makes all the job easier.  

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