Monday, December 9, 2019

Top 5 Products to Sell on Your Online Dropshipping In Time For The Holidays 2019

If you think the holiday sale is over, think again.  Online shopping is still a hit right now because of two reasons:  the weather, and convenience. People get hooked on doing their shopping online to avoid long lines at the store and brave away the winter season.  With this said, let us take a look at the top-selling items to sell during this season. 

What are the top five products to sell on your dropshipping store for the 2019 holidays? The top five products to sell for the holidays on your online dropshipping store are mugs, hoodies, AirPods cases, toys, and planners/organizers. These are the top trending products this year which will hit the sales.

These products are trending in the previous years from November to January of every year, or are historically trending up in terms of sales in the last six months. Some of the products are increasing the volume of search and sales in the past years because they are used as presents to loved ones.

Mugs are on the top list of products that trends during the last quarter of the year as it is the most common gift idea to friends and families. This year, we can offer the same to our consumers with a little bit of innovation wherein we can offer these items to go with customized prints and designs. The prices are generally low and are also easy to transport from anywhere as long as the packaging is nicely done. 

Next to the list are the hoodies. These items never go out of trend and have shown sales increase especially during the last quarter. Hoodies are also good gift ideas. This goes well with couples or families who want to wear uniform colors during holidays or events. Because in the last quarter of each year it is usually chilly, people are inclined to buy more goodies during this time of the year. 

AirPods Case
One more trending product for 2019 is AirPods. Although these are relatively expensive gift ideas, some would go for less and give accessories to AirPod owners such as cases, or chargers. With numerous designs to make, you can never go wrong in selling these items. Aside from being inexpensive, these items are handy and are not perishable. Ideal for shipping to various locations, too.
Holidays are most likely enjoyed by young ones, even the young at heart.  Every year, there is always an increase in the number of sales of toys. This does not go out of trend because people always use this as a present to little ones, it can also be used for donations, and gift prizes to events during the holiday season.

Planner/ Organizers
Did you know that one of the top gift ideas of the millennials are planners? These affordable gift ideas are used to list down tasks, memos, birthdays, and other things. Besides, writing is a therapeutic way to loosen stress. Planners serve as a breather to all the electronic gadgets present these days.

We keep on saying that the holidays are the best time to make up for the loss and catch up with the target sales for the year.  The list of items we mentioned above gathered based on the last five-year sales trend during the last quarter of the year. Go get those sales coming.  Happy selling!

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