Monday, December 23, 2019

What Are The Top 10 Online Shopping Trends For 2020

Being in the eCommerce business will make you constantly think ahead of what products will “sell like hotcakes” in the market. Now that the year is about the close, we need to discuss the products that would catch the trends for 2020. Today, we will focus on the top 10 items to sell in 2020.  So, continue reading.
Here are the top 10 list of online shopping trends that would be good to sell on your dropshipping store in 2020:

Wireless / Bluetooth Headset
Gadgets have been noticeably part of everyone’s lifestyle. From the most advanced technology there is, up to the least - this will not go out of trend. At least not in this generation. What best accessory would go well with these gadgets but headsets, right?  

Given the advancement of technology and the need for convenience, we are looking into getting these accessories to be handy. Thanks to the BlueTooth headsets, this is now made possible. These accessories generally increased its rank in terms of trends and use to many countries around the world.

LED Lights 
The world is leaning towards continuous innovation of many different things. Lights, of its many uses, is not excluded. To this effect, we are looking into getting an efficient, energy-saving material that would produce the same results to consumers. 
Looking into trends, LED lights are mainly used in highly developed countries. Need I say more about why it is included on our list of top 10 items to sell on your dropshipping store in 2020?

Sports Bottles
Access to fresh and clean water is very important. Hydration is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it beneficial to sports-minded, but it is everyone’s concern. These reusable sports bottles are good for the environment as it reduces overall pollution. 

There are many different sizes, colors, and variants to choose from when selling a sports bottle online. This allows you to give choices to buyers that will broaden the range of audience and increase your traffic, too. 

Car Chargers
Why are cellphones invented in the first place? This is to ensure we can communicate anytime, anywhere, is it? We do not want to experience dropped calls because of low battery especially when you are out to travel for work, going home, or run errands.

Have we not mentioned convenience as the main reason for people to consider buying stuff? Car chargers are useful to almost anyone who is always on the go. Also, using GPS makes driving more convenient for everyone. This makes car chargers part of the trending products for 2020. 

Not much of an explanation needed why leggings are definitely trending and will continue to trend in 2020. These products are one of the best-selling products online in previous years. Not only that it carries several variations, styles, and colors. These are affordable and easy to market to a wider range of audience because it fits from small sizes to large ones. 
Safety Shoes
Business demands more people to work. There are front liners, corporate and also the ones manning the production of products - general labor, technicians, engineers, etc. These people work on the back-end and are generally exposed to high powered machines. Equipment that operates largely to produce products for consumers.  

Part of the job requires safety to its employees - hence the need to use safety shoes. Because there is a large population of general workers, the demand for safety shoes continues to be on-trend over the years and is consistently growing especially to countries with large numbers of factories.

Car Seat Covers
Car seat covers have been consistently trending over the years and are expected to still be on-trend in 2020. Not only do car lovers show interest in buying these items online. This has become a need for most car owners to protect car interiors. Plus, this comes in different colors and designs too. 

Hoop Earrings
Another trending item to sell online would be hoop earrings. Social media influencers, celebrities, and other famous personalities use hoops as part of their fashion statement, making hoops as a trending item to sell in 2020. It has significantly increased its ranking and is showing good potential in terms of sales in your online store. 

Along with cellphones and other advanced technology gadgets, the smartwatch has shown an increase in becoming a trend in the past years. Most likely, these smartwatches are paired with their smartphones to maximize its features. Known manufacturers of high technology gadgets have made their versions of a smartwatch fit to match the consumer's budget and needs. 

Reusable Baby Nappies
Thinking of environment-friendly items that will not sacrifice quality and benefits. These reusable baby nappies are on-trend especially to mothers who always want to save money and practice good parenting. Many mothers share their experiences in using these baby nappies and how satisfied they are with the use of each. Another trending product that will surely be in-demand to your online dropshipping store in 2020. 

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