Sunday, January 12, 2020

What is the Future of Dropshipping

When you pull up your search engine and look for a business that you can start fast with minimal capital, one of the results that would appear would be dropshipping. There are many write-ups and tutorial videos about dropshipping that seem too easy thereby attracting more people to start doing it.   

For some, a question that comes to mind would be what is the future of dropshipping? Dropshipping is still showing an upward trend in terms of interest worldwide and will continue to expand in the future. Some might say that dropshipping is saturated as more people venture to the business.  

But, if you look at a larger picture, the concept of dropshipping has been around the eCommerce, possibly other business models, too.  The difference is the fulfillment method used in dropshipping, which is majorly done over the internet.   

Two Reasons That Dropshipping is Still  Marking a Good Future for eCommerce

There Will Always be a Demand in eCommerce Business
When you start a dropshipping business, you would understand that the way to keep up with the competition is to know the demands and scale for a product that will surely make a great number of sales. You will be surprised how people create a demand for anything they think might be useful.  

You will understand that consumers are willing to pay enough for products if they find these products to last longer and can be used regularly. With this in mind, people who are dropshipping keep on finding winning products to sell in their store. This is very important to keep up with the large competition there is in dropshipping. 

Dropshipping Practices Adopt and Evolve Over Time
Earlier, we mentioned that the concept of dropshipping is similar to other business models with the exceptions that most transactions are completed online. This is true. To run a business, we need a product to sell to consumers. We acquire products at a lower value and then retail it at a higher amount.  

Similar to dropshipping, we source a product from a reliable supplier and resell at a margin to obtain profit. The difference is, we do not need upfront costs to provide products to consumers. Rather, we use a tool to post our products, which in our case, happens to be our store website. This practice has evolved over time due to the demands of the internet.

Because dropshipping is an advanced scale of business method, we do sell our products online, market products online and communicate both ways to the consumer and supplier online, too. 

Shipping Times Have Been Improved In Dropshipping
A major concern for both sellers and consumers is the lengthy delivery time to ship items from the fulfillment center to the customer. This results in sellers continuously find reliable suppliers who can deliver products fast. As a turnaround, most suppliers use e-packet to deliver products to customers which generally reduces delivery times from 35-48 days down to 11-19 days. 

With the reasons mentioned above, it is not doubted that we also have to keep up with the demands and tools to cope with the high demands and competition in dropshipping. We often see comments, or questions being asked about finding trustworthy suppliers to help improve sales of the seller. Sourcing agent getting in demand vs AliExpress because the shipping times are better.  
As per sourcing agents, it is important to be up to date with the demands of a seller such as providing them with winning products, fast shipping and user-friendly system that can easily import products to their store with less hassle.  

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