Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How is Dropshipping Business in China after the Coronavirus

The virus has spread all over the world and has been affecting approximately 200 countries.  Statistically, after the lockdown, (which lasted for two months) China - where the virus began has started to pick up their operations and business.  But what does this mean for dropshippers? How are we coping with the impact?

Thankfully, China was able to manage coronavirus and the numbers are consistently dropping.  On the latest update, the United States of America is the country with the most number of affected cases having Italy as the second.  With this said, even with China being able to cope with the virus, the business is still not doing well. 

The United States is one of the countries with the largest market in dropshipping.  With governments of each nation imposing lockdown, the business is still not doing very well. I believe in our previous post, we have discussed how US suppliers are good alternatives to China.  At this point, it is not the case anymore. 

How do we cope with coronavirus and stop the spread of the disease?  
  1. Social Distance. This refers to the physical distance between people, especially in a certain area. This has found to be effective, (if followed properly) to reduce the spread of viruses. To ensure that this is practiced, government leaders imposed lockdowns, closing businesses, office work, and non-essential activities.  

This means that only essential activities such as buying food, medicine and those who are working are allowed to go out. Because the virus can be spread by human contact, this is very effective to manage coronavirus. In addition, we are looking at a 2-14 day incubation period for the virus to fully show symptoms to the patients. 

  1. Frequent handwashing. The World Health Organization has spread announcements to properly wash hands and observe hygiene at this time of the pandemic. Following the 20 seconds handwashing with soap and water to eliminate the spread of the virus is effective to kill the bacteria left in our hands and to ensure we do not touch our face, mouth, eyes, and nose.

    Mass testing and identifying focus locations where the virus is widely spread is also one effective way to control the spread.  This is done by countries such as Japan and South Korea to prevent the virus from spreading.

In dropshipping, it is essential that you find quality products at a good rate so that you can get more profit in return. This is why you will always see sellers looking for a reliable supplier all the time. Few things to consider when finding a supplier:
  1. fast shipping
  2. good price
  3. reliable customer support
With these considerations in mind, we shall keep in mind to find a partner that can deliver quality services, and products too. Considering the market of dropshipping, there are tools designed to increase your profitability and earn more money in return. For one, Multi-Drop is one of the reliable sourcing agents that promise to deliver all-in-on service to Shopify, also eBay sellers to increase earnings by giving quality products, reliable shipping, and full software integration.
Why is Dropshipping affected by the spread of Coronavirus?

Dropshipping is a business model that requires transports of merchandise from a supplier to the customer.  How this affects dropshipping is because of the fact that most of the reliable suppliers are coming from China.  Also, the pandemic has greatly affected transportations - air, sea, and land. In addition, this has led to the shipping of products to stop.  

Unfortunately, we do not have a cure for CoVID-19.  Scientists are working closely to address the pandemic.  In this trying time, we can only pray and hope that we all can overcome the virus sooner.  Not only for the business but also for humanity. 

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