Sunday, May 10, 2020

How to Find A Dropshipping Agent?

Everyone is affected by the crisis. Many businesses are struggling with sales. Lucky are those who are still operational in these trying times. So, we must get the reliable partners to do our business so we can maximize the risk we are putting to proceed with our business. This time, we want to talk about dropshipping agents. What are those and how we find them. Join us as we tackle this topic today. 

What is a Dropshipping Agent? 
By now you already understand what dropshipping, and how it works. But as an overview for those who are starting - dropshipping is an order fulfillment method wherein the customer buys products online, and the supplier sends the goods directly to the customer. No inventory involved.  

On the other hand, a dropshipping agent is someone who can assist you with sourcing products, fulfilment, third party logistics, branding and other services. They help sellers get the products at a lower price and also negotiates with their contact suppliers on how to meet your demands. They normally have access to several suppliers which makes product sourcing easier for sellers. 

Why Do Dropshipping Sellers Contact an Agent?
Just like when contacting individual suppliers for the products you sell, a dropshipping seller does the same plus more. They help in getting you access to multiple suppliers, products and at the same time offer other services that is helpful for dropshipping sellers. They also offer integration with reliable platforms such as Shopify, eBay and WooCommerce, just to name a few. 

How Do I Find a Dropshipping Agent?

Google Search 

This one is pretty basic. Almost everything can be searched via Google. However, the downside is, the reliable ones may not be found on the first, second, or even third pages of the search tool. You have to dig deeper and keep your patience up as the reliable ones are mostly on the sixth or so pages of your search engine.  

Why so? Those on the first few pages of the search results are the ones that use paid services to make them go up the search. This helps them get more traffic to their site.  

YouTube Search

Given the same concept in Google search, except that you get the results in a video form. So if you are not into reading much. Then this is the right source for you. It will also give you related videos of your search which will help you gain more knowledge about dropshipping, suppliers, etc. 

Facebook Search and Joined Groups

Facebook is a powerful tool used to market products and services.  In 2020, there are approximately 1.69 billion users of Facebook (Source from Statista) all over the world.  This puts Facebook on the rank if you need to search for products or services online.    

Many businesses use Facebook to engage with customers, post updates, and proof genuine services offered to clients.  Plus, most of the time, people are using social media to browse relevant topics.  Here, you can join communities that are related to the topic that interests you.  You will then come across users who share personal experiences and recommendations. 
In dropshipping, it is essential that you find quality products at a good rate so that you can get more profit in return. This is why you will always see sellers looking for a reliable supplier all the time. Few things to consider when finding a supplier:
  1. fast shipping
  2. good price
  3. reliable customer support

With these considerations in mind, we shall keep in mind to find a partner that can deliver quality services, and products too. Considering the market of dropshipping, there are tools designed to increase your profitability and earn more money in return. For one, Multi-Drop is one of the reliable sourcing agents that promise to deliver all-in-on service to Shopify, also eBay sellers to increase earnings by giving quality products, reliable shipping, and full software integration.

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